2017: the Job Hunting Season Begins

Well, 2017 is finally here.

All across North America, recruiters and HR professionals are getting ready to start filling jobs again...after a long holiday season sent them into their cubicle caves forcing them to slow the hiring process. The coming weeks will see a flurry of job posting activity. For online recruiting sites, the floodgates are about to open. A new job hunting season has begun.

For job seekers this is your time to shine. Start tweaking your resumes and brushing up on your interview skills. Maybe buy a new pair of shoes too. Don't forget to be found by more employers by creating a public profile for yourself on CareerCloud

For employers this year will test your ability to attract talent. With a dwindling supply of talent you will need to get better at recruiting, sourcing and marketing your jobs. The national unemployment rate currently stands at 4.6% which means you are going to need a number of good reasons to get talent to switch to your firm. At CareerCloud we can help with services like job distribution, Facebook recruiting and even Audio Jobcasts.

CareerCloud 2017

Back to job seekers. The tools now available on CareerCloud have never been better to help with your search. Our site is comprised of 4 sections to help you maximize your job hunt.

Our main site is home to our career articles and podcast. If you are a career coach or recruiter consider contributing with a post of your own.

Job Board - browse entry to mid-level jobs from every industry.

Hiring Leads - use this state by state database to see who is about to hire.

Career Tools - the most comprehensive list of job boards, salary and resume builders on the internet.

So whether you are an employer or candidate we wish you the best of luck in 2017. It's going to be an interesting year of hiring.