The Best Resume Writing Services To Get You Noticed in 2019

Resume writing services help you get a leg up in the age of computer-screened resumes. Lets be honest, heading into 2020 computer vision and machine learning is here to stay. It’s crucial that your resume showcases your unique skills and experiences and emphasizes why you’d make a great employee, but they also need to be written to make you stand out - to humans and computers.

Our Career experts spent 45 hours researching over 20 online resume writing services.

We recommend checking out TopResume's free resume review first. If TopResume isn't right for you then Resumes Planet is a great bet. They'll have you covered for all your needs, from resume writing to LinkedIn profile writing. There are many options out there, so you can also keep reading to learn more about the other sites we reviewed.

There are also resume builders which take a more design focused approach. If you’re not great at selling yourself, you might want to turn to a resume writing service to help you stand out.

The 6 Best Resume Writing Services On The Market Today

Other Top Resume Writing Services To Consider

In addition to our top picks, we looked at 14 other resume writing services, which didn’t make the final cut. Some produced generic template-based resumes and others fell short because their services weren’t very comprehensive. But if you don’t find something you like with our top picks, you may want to check out some of these.

  • Career Perfect
  • Careers Booster
  • Live Career
  • Pro Resume Writing Services
  • Resume Companion
  • Resume Professional Writers
  • Resume Writers Direct
  • Resume2Hire
  • ResumeEdge
  • ResumePrime
  • ResumeSpice
  • Velvet Jobs
  • ZipJob

What Are Resume Writing Services, And How Can They Help You?

Resume writing services look at your skills and experiences and help you parse out the details that illustrate why you’re a great fit for a particular position. Some services are little more than online tools that walk you through each section and offer suggestions of what to write. But most people looking for resume writing help are interested in a full-service option, where a professional writer gathers information about your work and education history and creates a personalized resume from scratch. For those willing to pay extra, they’ll also write you a cover letter and help optimize your LinkedIn profile.

We put together this guide to help you choose among hundreds of the best resume writing services. We spoke with industry experts and compared dozens of the most popular resume builder tools and professional writing services to determine which offered the best value to job seekers. We looked at:

  • sample resume options, and resume templates
  • writer qualifications
  • options for customization
  • additional services offered by the companies

To come up with the top picks.

Full Reviews of the Best Resume Writing Services

TopResume Review - Best Overall

Read the full Careercloud TopResume Review

TopResume delivers sound resumes for workers of all backgrounds and it lets you try the service for free by requesting a free expert resume review. This is a rare offering from a professional resume writing company and it can give you a sense of how much assistance you need. That can guide you toward which of the company's three resume writing packages are the best fit for you. It builds its packages around the types of services it offers rather than your career level, as many other professional resume writing companies do. This shouldn't affect most consumers, but higher-ups may prefer a company with more experience handling executive resumes.

Where It Excels

TopResume offers several resume writing solutions targeted at people of all skill levels and budgets. Start with its free resume review service by uploading your current resume to the site. Unlike many other online resume building resources, TopResume's tool doesn't just give you cliche feedback based on a computer formula. Instead, one of its real resume writing experts will look over it and give you personalized feedback within two business days. This is a great way to decide if the service is right for you before committing any money.

There are three resume writing packages you can choose from, depending on how much assistance you want. The basic Professional Growth package includes a well-formatted and keyword-optimized resume written by a professional in your industry. The Career Evolution package includes all of that plus a handwritten cover letter. The Executive Priority package includes a cover letter and a LinkedIn profile makeover, plus a guarantee that your resume will be written by one of the company's best resume writers.

The Career Evolution and Executive Priority packages include a 60-day interview guarantee. If you're not getting twice the interviews you were before after having TopResume professionally rewrite your resume, it will do it all over for you at no extra cost. You must notify the company in writing within 180 days in order to take advantage of this service.

Where It Falls Short

TopResume offers several packages based on the types of services you want, but it doesn't have unique packages based on where you're at in your career. This shouldn't affect most users because TopResume has 1000 skilled writers from all types of backgrounds, but high-level executives may feel more comfortable working with a company that has specific expertise in writing resumes for executives.


Expert Resume Review: Free

Professional Growth Resume Service: $149

Career Evolution Resume Service: $219

Executive Priority Resume Service: $349

Best for detailed, highly personalized resumes. took the top spot for a simple reason: Its sample resumes were far and away the best. Not only are they visually stunning, but they contain dynamic, specific phrases designed to showcase you in your best light. You can tell there are no generic templates being used here.’s professional writers really take the time to get to know you and figure out what makes you a desirable employee. Prices start at a reasonable $89 for an entry-level resume, and the results are worth every penny.

Where It Excels understands what companies are looking for in employees and leverages that knowledge to help you jump off the page. It is so confident in its work that it guarantees you will be hired in 45 days or you’ll receive a full refund, plus an additional $100 for your troubles. Most resume writing services guarantee you an interview at most, and some don’t offer any promises at all, so’s guarantee is particularly impressive. There are certain criteria you need to meet in order to be eligible, including submitting your refund claim within 90 days and providing receipts that prove you’ve submitted your resume to at least 40 companies. Its resumes are detailed, confident and compelling and you can guarantee yours will be one of a kind. You might notice a few key phrases, like “Ambitious self-starter,” reused among the samples, but the vast majority of the information is tailored to you and highlights specific skills and accomplishments from your previous careers. works hard to give your resume a unique appearance as well. There are a variety of visually appealing styles to choose from, and that alone should help you stand out in the ocean of black-and-white copy paper sitting on the hiring manager’s desk. markets itself as a complete career service. In addition to writing resumes for all types of clientele, it also offers career coaching, LinkedIn profile writing, cover and thank-you letters, and assistance distributing your resume and finding jobs. These services cost more, but the final products are just as impressive as its resumes, so they may be worth the added expense.

Where It Falls Short doesn’t offer discounts on its additional services when you purchase professional resume writing. Many companies allow you to bundle several services together at a reduced rate, but with, you’ll have to pay the full price listed on the website. Its tiered pricing based on experience level is also slightly higher than some of its competitors, but again, you can be sure the company is going to knock itself out to give you a great result.


Resume Writing - Entry Level: Starting at $89

Resume Writing - Professional: Starting at $109

Resume Writing - Executive: Starting at $199

Cover Letter: $59.95

Follow-up Letter: $59.95

LinkedIn Profile Writing: $89.95

A strong runner-up, but missing some options. is similar to our top pick,, and the resumes it produces are high-quality, but it’s missing some features that limit its usefulness to certain clients. It doesn’t offer a student or entry-level resume package, so these customers will have to pay extra for the professional-level price. And in terms of design, there doesn’t seem to be many options beyond grayscale. The company knows how to create excellent, marketable resumes, but it doesn’t take that extra step to go above and beyond.

Where It Excels’s work isn’t as detailed as our top pick, but it gives a good synopsis of your career achievements and experience with plenty of action words that will appeal to employers. Like our top pick, promises that your resume will get you hired or you’ll get your money back, plus a bonus. The guarantee is slightly less impressive than’s — it promises a job within 60 days and the bonus is only $50 — but it’s still very good compared to the rest of the industry. also offers a full suite of career resources, including LinkedIn profile writing, career coaching, job search assistance and cover and follow-up letters. There is no option to bundle these services together, but the prices are not unreasonable for the industry. The company also offers a free resume critique, which is a great way to test out if its service is a good fit for you. Just send in your current resume, and you’ll receive a response within one business day with suggestions and examples of how to improve it.

Where It Falls Short

Most companies offer students and entry-level workers a lower rate on resume writing because their resumes typically aren’t as involved, but doesn’t have this option. As a student, you can still get a resume from here, but it may be smarter to go with a company that offers you a special rate. creates solid, well-written resumes, but they lack the star quality of our top pick. Visually, they’re pretty similar to what you’d find in a Microsoft Word template, and sometimes they can go a little overboard with adverbs, like “Lucratively synthesized” and “Proficiently specialized.” Despite this, the resumes do a good job of marketing your skills and calling out what makes you a desirable employee, and ultimately, that’s what’s most important.


Resume Writing - Entry Level: N/A

Resume Writing - Professional: Starting at $109.95

Resume Writing - Executive: Starting at $199.95

Cover Letter: $59.95

Follow-up Letter: $59.95

LinkedIn Profile Writing: $89.95

Resume Writing Service

Best for complete career packages

Resume Writing Service offers the most comprehensive suite of career services of any professional resume writing company we looked at. In addition to writing resumes, it offers editing, proofreading, cover and follow-up letters, LinkedIn profile development and promotion, interview coaching and more. Packages are flexible and you can choose your profile type (entry level, professional, executive, military, federal or career change) and your turnaround time. The best part is, Resume Writing Service came in slightly cheaper than our other top picks, and it comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the result.

Where It Excels

Resume Writing Service has the most extensive menu of services of any company we looked at. It goes beyond just writing a resume and cover letter and offers personalized assistance with all aspects of your job search. LinkedIn continues to gain ground as one of the premier networking and job search websites, and Resume Writing Service can show you how to develop and promote your profile and network with others on the site. It even offers a free profile critique. Just enter the link to your profile on your order form and you’ll receive a professional review within 48 hours. You can also get assistance with the other aspects of your job application. Resume Writing Service offers cover and follow-up letter writing, interview coaching and reference verification, which lets you know how well your references speak about you to employers. The company will also help distribute your resume to resume portals and track down jobs for you if you’re struggling to find ones on your own.

Where It Falls Short

Resume Writing Service’s sample resumes aren’t as impressive as some of our other top picks. They cover the basics well and they’re aesthetically pleasing, but they’re not as detailed as they could be. The site lists before and after resume samples that were submitted for editing and though they reworded a few phrases and changed the formatting, it’s not quite the level of change you’d expect when you pay to have your resume edited. The writer does leave comments on the strong and weak points and suggestions for further improvement, but they leave it to you to implement them. Resume Writing Service’s standard turnaround time is “5+ days.” This is longer and more vague than our other top picks, both of which offer three-day standard turnaround times, and the five days doesn’t begin until your payment has been processed. If you’re willing to pay extra, you can get the turnaround time reduced to three days, but the price increase is pretty steep. An entry-level resume costs about $77 with a five-day turnaround time. Upgrading to a three-day turnaround time raises the price to $154.


Resume Writing - Entry Level: $76.77

Resume Writing - Professional: $95.96

Resume Writing - Executive: $134.34

Cover Letter: Starting at $25.57

Follow-up Letter: Included with Cover Letter

LinkedIn Profile Writing" Starting at $83.19


Best resume builder tool.

MyPerfectResume is the best choice for those who want to try their hand at writing a resume for themselves, but want some guidance along the way. The service is fairly intuitive and free to use. The online tool guides you through every section of the resume and offers suggestions of key phrases to add to make you stand out from other applicants. The service can also help pair you with jobs and tailor your resume to fit a specific job posting. And if you decide you want a little professional help, you can hand your resume over to one of the company’s certified resume writers at any time.

Where It Excels

MyPerfectResume was the most useful of any of the resume builder tools we looked at. It doesn’t just give you a template and some help articles and send you on your way. Instead, it guides you through all steps of the process, making suggestions for improvements along the way. It can help you choose the right template for tricky situations like changing careers, gaps in your work history or limited work experience. As you fill in the forms, MyPerfectResume will offer suggested phrases that you can add with a single click. You can edit the text as you go or return to the resume at any time to make further changes. When you’re all done, the tool will run a spelling check for you.

Once you’ve created your profile, your online dashboard will begin to fill in with job postings from multiple job boards that match what you’re looking for. The Resume Customizer tool is a unique feature that scans a job posting for key skills and phrases and offers advice on how to tailor your resume to suit that particular job. There’s also an auto cover letter tool that enables you to create a cover letter in just a few minutes. These features cost extra, though, and require you to sign up for a monthly subscription plan for either $24.95 per month or $71.40 for the year. Though it’s not their core business, MyPerfectResume does offer professional resume writing for those who want it. Prices start at $99 for an Early Career resume and the turnaround time is two to three days. After filling out a form with your information, you’ll receive a call from your writer where you can discuss what you’re looking for in detail. MyPerfectResume also offers a professional resume review for $19.95, and this might be the way to go if you’ve already written your resume, but want some advice on how to improve it.

Where It Falls Short

As excellent as MyPerfectResume’s online tool is, it’s still a tool, and there’s simply no way it can compete with a human when it comes to originality and personalization. This may not be an issue for those with strong writing abilities, but if you feel like you’re in way over your head, you’re probably better off paying for a professional writer than populating your resume with a bunch of stock phrases offered up by a computer. MyPerfectResume does offer some additional career tools, like a cover letter tool and some interview prep resources, but it’s not a comprehensive job seeker resource like our other top picks. There’s no resources to help you with your LinkedIn profile, and it can’t help you with follow-up letters or submitting your resume to prospective employers. That said, it offers some pretty great free career resources, and if you’re just interested in a resume, you probably won’t notice the missing features.


Resume Writing - Entry Level: $99

Resume Writing - Professional: $199

Resume Writing - Executive: $299

Cover Letter: $60

Follow-up Letter: N/A

LinkedIn Profile Writing: N/A

Other Types of Resume Services Depending on Your Budget

When choosing a resume writing service, you first have to decide which type of service you need. There are two main options — resume builder tools and professional resume writing. The best option for you depends on your budget and how much assistance you need.

Resume Builder Tools

Though the bulk of this guide deals with professional resume writing services, online resume builders are a viable option for some people. These tools are often free or cheap to use, and they enable you to create a resume quickly. The best tools offer advice on what information to include and specific phrases that will give your resume an extra boost. They may offer help with interviews and cover letters as well. Premium resume writing or editing is often available for an additional fee.

Resume builder tools are a good choice if you’re a strong writer and you want to try creating a resume for yourself. But be wary of relying on the tool’s recommendations too much. Remember, everyone else on the site is seeing those same suggestions too. If you’re not confident in your ability to write a great resume, you may be better off going with a professional resume writing service.

Professional Writing Services - CV, coverletter and more

With a professional service, trained writers gather your information and then build a resume for you. They’ll also do your cover letter and LinkedIn profile for an additional charge. Resume editing is an option as well. The best companies give you direct access to the writer working on your resume, so you can reach out to them with any questions or feedback you may have. Some services come with interview guarantees — if you don’t land a job interview within a designated period of time after receiving your resume, the company will give you a free rewrite.

A professional resume writing service is the best way to guarantee an original, personalized resume, but it comes at a high cost. Depending on your field, experience level and the package you choose, you could pay anywhere from $90 to several hundred dollars. A professionally written resume is also going to take longer. Most services take about three days to complete a resume. There is usually an option to expedite it, but that costs extra.

How to Choose a Resume Writing Service

We looked at several factors when choosing our top resume writing services. The most important of these were writer qualifications, collaboration, customization and the additional services the company offers.

Writer Qualifications

If you’re paying for a professional resume writing service, you want your writers to be trained professionals. A fresh-faced college grad who just finished his own first resume last week probably isn’t going to know how to make your name stand out in a sea of applications, but some resume services would hire him anyway. All of our top picks only employ writers who have been certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers. This certification requires writers to complete several tests and submit sample resumes to prove their command over the English language and resume writing. Some professional services give their writers additional training as well.

It also helps to have a writer who knows your field and is familiar with industry jargon. The best resume writing services will have a network of certified writers that specialize in different areas. Resumes Planet, for example, has over 200 certified writers specializing in 40 different fields. So someone who works in healthcare will be assigned a resume writer with a healthcare background, while someone in IT will get a writer trained in that field. This industry knowledge enables the writers to go deeper and add specific, tailored information to your resume that will be sure to catch the eye of employers.


No matter how good they are, the fact remains that a professional resume writer can’t do everything on their own. They don’t know your skills and work experience as well as you do, so the more you can share that information with them, the better the final product will be. The best resume writing services understand this and give you direct access to your writer throughout the process. Once you’ve submitted your request, the writer will reach out to you by phone to go over the details and figure out what you want out of your resume. When the draft is completed, you’ll be able to see it and request any edits you feel need to be made.

Some companies take a less personal approach. You fill out an online form with your information and you don’t hear anything from the writer until the draft is complete. This can be stressful and result in a final product that you’re unhappy with. All of our top professional resume writing services give you direct access to your writer throughout the process, and we favored the ones that included a phone consultation.


A recent college graduate is going to need a very different resume than a corporate executive. Likewise, someone changing careers will need to tailor their resume differently than someone staying in their current field. A good resume writing service has different packages to accommodate all types of job seekers. Many have special options for military members, federal employees and those changing careers. A few companies, like, even offer packages for specific fields, like IT. Breaking services down in this way enables companies to institute tiered pricing plans, which may end up being cheaper — especially for entry-level employees — than a company that just offers a generic resume writing package.

A good professional resume writer will also customize the resume itself. This means taking the information you provide and arranging it in a compelling format that flows well and is easy to read. Some writers take the information you submit, change a few words around and call it a brand-new resume, so it’s a good idea to check out the samples on the company’s website before you make any decisions. After comparing a few, you should be able to tell which provides the best results.

Additional Services

Professional resume writing companies generally offer a suite of services that includes cover and thank-you letter writing, LinkedIn profile development, resume editing and more. The cost of these services vary, depending on what tier (entry level, executive, etc.) you choose. Companies will often give you discounts if you purchase a bundle of services at the same time you pay for your resume, so keep this in mind if you’re interested in these extras. They’re not for everyone, but they’re great options to have if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of landing the job of your dreams.

What We Didn’t Consider: Price and Turnaround Time

Some companies offer $25 resumes and a 24-hour turnaround time. That may sound great, but it’s actually not. In this industry, you generally get what you pay for, and if a company’s promising you the moon for pocket change, chances are, they’re not putting a lot of effort into your resume. Likewise, if a company’s bragging about its “experienced” writers that have each completed thousands of resumes, that’s probably an indication that they’re using the same generic templates for everyone. Bottom line, if you’re going to invest in a professional resume service, make sure you choose one that’s worth your money. Do some research and check out some of the sample resumes on their website. (If they don’t have any, that’s also a red flag.) Learn more about the company’s process and look for some type of satisfaction guarantee. You should feel confident in the company you choose before you hand over your credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions about Writing Resumes

Writing resumes can be complicated. Every employer is looking for something a little different and you’re competing against dozens of other candidates with similar skill sets to yours. Even if you’ve written a resume before, chances are, you still have some questions about what you should be doing. We’ve answered some of the most common ones below to help you build your resume with confidence.

Do I need to use a professional resume writing service?

No, of course not. If you feel confident in your writing abilities and you’re a good self-promoter, you shouldn’t have any trouble writing a solid resume on your own. But there are certain situations where hiring a professional writer may be advantageous.

Writing and marketing aren’t your fortes.

Your resume is a prospective employer’s first introduction to you. Chances are, they have dozens — maybe even hundreds — of others sitting on their desk, so you have to make yours stand out quickly if you want a shot at an interview. A bunch of spelling errors and generic phrases like “enthusiastic hard worker” aren’t going to get you very far. You have to know how to highlight your skills and achievements in an original, dynamic way. You can learn a little about how to do this by looking at examples online, but if you find yourself struggling, it may be easier to hand the job over to someone that’s trained in the field.

You have special requirements.

Students with no work experience, people changing careers and those with long gaps in their work history may have a more difficult time creating a strong resume that will appeal to employers. Professional resume writers are trained to handle these types of cases, and some even specialize in one specific area. This kind of experience is a huge advantage when dealing with tricky situations, and it could be well worth the cost of a professional resume writer.

Time is of the essence.

When you need to land a job right away, you want the best resume possible. If you’re sending your current resume out to a bunch of companies and hearing nothing back, that may be a sign that it needs some work. An excellent resume can significantly shorten your job search and help you find more exciting, lucrative career opportunities, so it’s worth investing the time and money to make sure you jump off the page.

What makes a resume great?

If you want to stand out from other applicants, your resume has to tell employers who you are, what you’ve done and why you’d be a great fit for their company. There’s a lot of advice out there on the best way to write a resume, and the best way for you is going to depend on your unique situation and experiences. Here are a few general guidelines to help improve any resume.

Cut to the chase.

According to a study by TheLadders, the average employer spends only six seconds looking at each resume. That means you have to make your point and make it fast if you want them to look closer. Don’t start with a boring objective statement like “Talented, hard-working professional interested in opportunities for growth with a successful company.” That may be true, but it’s true of most other applicants as well, and it does nothing to distinguish you from the pack.

Instead, begin with a short executive summary that explains why you would be a great fit for that company. Keep it simple and limit it to a few sentences. There’s plenty of opportunities to add detail in the later sections of your resume. Your goal with your introduction isn’t to score an interview — it’s to keep the employer reading. Then, let your qualifications and accomplishments do the rest.

Be specific in your achievements.

Don’t say you saved your previous employer a bunch of money. Say how much you saved and how you did it. This gives prospective employers a better sense of your value and abilities, and it will stand out much more in their minds than a vague, general description. List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order so your most recent achievements are near the top.

Tailor your resume to the job.

Before submitting your resume, look over the job posting and scan for keywords and skills listed in the job description. Incorporate these into your resume whenever possible. Some employers use a screening process to cut down the number of resumes they have to look at, so by making sure yours is tailored to exactly what the company is looking for, you stand a better chance of making it through.

Keep it professional.

Make sure you proofread your resume before you send it in. Nothing says “I’m not detail-oriented” like misspellings and poor grammar. Don’t use a bunch of crazy fonts and don’t include a photo of yourself. These things aren’t necessary and they’re distracting to those who are reading your resume. You don’t want four of the six seconds they’ll likely spend looking at it to be staring at a picture of you.

Keep it concise.

Avoid using a bunch of fluffy adjectives and adverbs that don’t add any real meaning, and don’t use pronouns. Whenever possible, limit your resume to one page, but don’t make it so cluttered that it’s difficult to read. Most people skip over large blocks of text when they’re reading, and if you do this on your resume, there’s a chance important information could get overlooked.

What’s the difference between a resume and a CV?

A resume and a curriculum vitae (CV) serve similar functions, but they’re used for different purposes. A resume is a brief summary of your professional and academic background, highlighting your skills and accomplishments in a page or two. CVs cover the same information, but they generally go more in-depth, and as such, they’re usually at least two to three pages.

For most jobs, a resume will suffice, and it may even be preferred over a CV. The exceptions are if you’re applying for an academic, scientific or international career. Most countries outside of the U.S. prefer CVs, so if you’re considering a move overseas, a simple resume won’t be enough. Academic and scientific professions also prefer CVs because they give a more detailed overview of research and publications, professional licenses, grants and awards.

Because of the level of detail, CVs can be more difficult to write than resumes. Most professional resume writing services will do CVs as well, though they may be more expensive. It could be worth the additional cost, though, especially if you’re new to CVs and you’re not sure what information you should include.

What do I put on my resume if I have little or no work experience?

When you don’t have a lot of work experience, it can be difficult to know how to make yourself appealing to a potential employer. Ideally, you’ll have some type of internship or volunteer experience in the field you’re interested in, but if you don't, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Here are a few tips on how to overcome a short work history.

Play up your skills.

Employers aren’t going to care about what you did at your last job as much as they care about what you’re capable of doing for them. If you don’t have any career experience to put on your resume, focus on the skills you have that could benefit their company. Problem-solving, time management and research skills are a few examples. If you have any previous jobs or experiences that enabled you to develop these skills, highlight them here.

Get some experience, if possible.

If you’re a student or a recent college grad, try to get an internship in your field. This will give you valuable work experience that will look good to future employers, and it can teach you more about the type of work you’re interested in doing. You may also want to check out any volunteer opportunities in your community that are related to your field. Even if it’s not exactly the kind of job you want to do, it can still teach you valuable career skills that will translate to any profession.

Don’t overemphasize your schooling.

Education is a part of everyone’s resume, and as a student or recent graduate, it will likely be a bigger part of yours than for someone who’s been out in the workforce for 20 years. But don’t let that be the main focus of your resume. Emphasize your skills and what you can bring to a prospective employer. For most jobs, a strong work ethic, good personal management skills and a willingness to learn are as important — if not more so — than the knowledge you learned in school.