Facebook Recruiting Service


Tell us who you need to hire

Are you looking to expand your recruitment advertising to the largest social network on the planet? Tell us who you need to hire, what locations, and we'll help you craft a campaign to target those individuals with the precision of Facebook advertising.

target passive candidates

We can use your creative or you can let us choose the right images from stock photography that speak to the job or industry you hire for. All ads will drive candidates directly to your career site, ATS or job description. All ads will be branded with your logo to ensure brand recognition.

Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to your Career Site or Job Listing

sample facebook recruitment ad

sample facebook recruitment ad

expand your recruitment strategy

It's time for companies to go beyond job boards in an increasingly competitive talent marketplace. Facebook ads have the ability to be seen directly by your target audience.

We can even specific certain job titles along with other specific interests.

Once your campaign ends we'll even show you the results.

we do the work, you get the results

Our team will work with you to determine what your hiring needs are, what your budget is and get your campaign launched.

We charge an additional 20% of your budget to implement and manage your campaigns going forward.

Minimum spend for new campaigns is $500.

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