The mission of CareerCloud is to build better job seekers through practical tools, articles and advice.
— Chris Russell, Founder

About Us

CareerCloud is a career media company. Social media and mobile technologies are changing the way we live…and find work. Job seekers and recruiters need tools to leverage this technology. CareerCloud was founded on this premise. This site is a platform that will tap into the social web and mobile technology for both job seekers and employers.

Social Networks such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook have become giant talent pools. Mobile apps are now making it easier to search for jobs online. But there is still more to be done. The ultimate goal for CareerCloud is to become a destination for a variety of tools and apps that will make it simpler and easier to be found by recruiters or stand out from the crowd. A destination for social & mobile recruiting.

Our Founder

Chris Russell, Founder. Widely considered to be the 'mad scientist of online recruiting', Chris has been connecting job seekers to employers through a variety of online tools since 1999 when he founded the local job board network which he sold in 2012.

Today he is consumed with helping job seekers connect more efficiently with employers through technology as an HR tech consultant. When he's not running CareerCloud or consulting you can find him on his kayak, bike or fishing the lakes of New England.

Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.