CareerCloud Radio: How to network with Social Media

Mike Fishbein is the founder of Startup College and the author of How To Build an Awesome Professional Network. Today he talks about various ways to use Blogging, LinkedIn and Twitter to expand your network.

"I use Linkedin as my online rolodex and to figure out how to get introduced to someone. I've also started using Linkedin groups quite a bit to chat with people..."

In this episode;

  • How has the internet and social media changed professional networking?

  • Before we dive in to using various social networks for networking, can you tell us about some of your core networking strategies and philosophies?

  • What are best practices for using LinkedIn for professional networking? How do you use LinkedIn and what features do you think are best for networkers to use?

  • How can Twitter be used to make new professional contacts? Twitter seems like more of a social network than a professional network - can Twitter still be used in a professional manner?

  • How can blogging help people meet new people and expand their professional network?

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