Turn your Linkedin profile into an actual resume with this free tool

Don't have a resume ready? No problem as long as you have a Linkedin profile you can easily make one into a PDF in just a matter of minutes. Head on over to the Linkedin labs and log in to import your data into one of several ready made resume templates.

It comes with a few caveats though. There's no way to edit the document once you save it as a PDF (your only choice). It displays whatever you have on your profile so to change the new resume you have to change your profile too. We did not see any location added to the resume either which seemed a bit strange. 

For contact info they show only your email address. You can drag and drop the order of the resume elements which lets you re-arrange things. And the different style templates are a nice touch.

So if you need a resume in a hurry this might serve your needs. Its located at http://resume.linkedinlabs.com/

And if you don't have a Social Resume yet check out our service which lets you combine ALL your social media into one page. And we also have a print to PDF option as well. Get your social resume here.

Happy hunting!