How to use your company logo on InstaJob

Amtrak's career team does a great job using InstaJob. In the example above they simply grabbed their logo and used it as a quick InstaJob to share on their Instagram channel.

If you have used our InstaJob app before you know it lets you create one by letting you take a new picture or choosing one form your camera library. But you probably dont have your logo filed away on your smartphone so here's an easy way to put it there for future use.

  • Just fire up your Google app
  • Search for your 'company name + logo'
  • Click on the Images filter

You should see a variety of logos that your company has online. Once you see one you like click to view it and save it to your camera's library. (iPhone users click the 3 dots in the lower right corner of the pic to save it)

Once its in your library it will always be there for use with InstaJob.

Download InstaJob for iOS and Android today to make your jobs more visual!

InstaJob app now available for Android too

InstaJob, the first ever visual job ad creator, is now available for Android users in addition to the iOS platform. Download it here on the Play store.

Launched in the summer of 2013 for iOS, InstaJob allows recruiters to turn any picture of their business, office or employees into a visual job ad that contains their company career site URL and the job title they want to hire for. From there the user can share the picture to any of their social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

The new Android version has new features including more filters that say "Job Alert" and a URL shortener for those web addresses that are too long to display. For more information, click here.

Why ExactTarget Loves InstaJob

We asked one of InstaJob's power users, Andre Boulais from ExactTarget to share his thoughts on why they love our InstaJob app and what the results have been like. What he wrote, amazed us!


ExactTarget has really embraced Instajob. With culture being our number one differentiator for top tech talent we love the chance to share our passion via images. Social media has become a major component of attracting and starting the conversation with innovative professionals and Instajob’s been integral to that. From showing images of employees dressing up for Halloween to the private Imagine Dragons concert at our user conference, it’s been great to show a sneak peek into what sets ExactTarget apart.

By far the most traction we’ve received came from one of our Strategic Sourcers dressing up as Iron Man and working at her desk. Not only was that shared by our entire Global Recruiting team to their LinkedIn and Twitter networks but we were able to get one of ExactTarget’s leaders in Social Media to retweet to his 34,000 followers. The great part about Instajob is that a great post can go viral and there’s really no limit for how many people you can reach.

In the global war for talent candidates are more and more selective with who they want to work with.  Many have been burned by taking a job with a company that was presented differently in the interview than its reality.  By showing what the day-to-day looks like from a culture standpoint, candidates have a better feel for what they are walking into

On a personal note, one of my top Strategic Sourcers was hired via Instajob. Originally from Ohio she was recruited out of college into a recruiting positing with another company.  After two years, she didn’t know much about Indianapolis based companies.  As luck would have her stylist followed me on Twitter and at an appointment shared my Instajob for hiring Sourcers.  A few interviews later I had another hire for my team all due to Instajob!