PODCAST: How to Become the Boss That Nobody Will Leave

If you are a mid-level manager you need to listen to this podcast. Scott Love shows managers how to be the boss nobody will leave.  With over 20 years of empirical research, he gives managers tactical ideas to lead in a way that increases employee retention, reduces turnover, and attracts high achievers.  He is a successful entrepreneur, professional keynote speaker, the author of Why They Follow, and is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

“If you lead, they will stay…” on your website...great quote...reminds that people often quit their bosses, not their jobs...right?

My other fav quote about management is by Peter Drucker where he says ‘much of so called management consists of making it difficult for people to do their work

1.       The book is call Why They Follow: How to Lead with Positive Influence, what was the motivation behind the book?

2.       There are tens of thousands of leadership books available.  Why is this one different?

3.       Tell me how the reader will see benefits to reading this book.

4.       You speak on a very personal level when you write. Why is this?

5.       Tell me more about this response level of employees.  You talk about a sliding scale. What does that mean?

6.       When you speak at conferences, you talk about the first cardinal rule of human behavior. Can you describe this?

7.       How can a manager improve as a leader?

8.       What tactical exercises can a manager do to build his or her own personal leadership

9.   One of your chapters talks about Leadership Development on a budget. What are some economical ways an organization can develop the leadership skills of its managers?

10. Recruiting...is this the tightest market you have seen?

11. What tools do you use in recruiting?

10...last words of advice job seekers?