Job Interview Selling Points

Thea Kelley has more than 20 years' experience in coaching, career services, writing and editing, and holds several relevant certifications including Certified Employment Interview Consultant. She provides coaching on all aspects of job search, from resumes to interviewing, serving everyone from senior executives to recent graduates, nationwide.

She is the author of a new book Get that job the quick and complete guide to a winning interview. Today she will be discussing how to create your own job interview selling points.


Tell me your favorite job interview story where a candidate you either coached or heard about really sold themselves to get the job?

1) What are key selling points & why do they matter? 

2) Can you give me an example?

3) How would a job seeker use this?

4) Why not just let the interviewer decide for himself what makes you stand out? 

5) How does a job seeker figure out what their selling points are?

6) What makes one selling point more effective than another?

7) What do you mean by Relevant? Exceptional? Verifiable?

8) So once they have their REV Points list, when would candidates emphasize those REV Points in the interview?

9) What if the interviewer has a different view of what makes you stand out?

10) How do u know its going well are their signs?

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