Job Search Help: 8 Executive Resume Trends for 2017

A resume is like the cover page of a book. You must try to make it as creative and attractive as possible, because by seeing the cover page only, one decides on reading it further or not. It should have an eye-catching design layout. Profiles with achievement-driven bullets are more striking and welcoming to read. Use of technical words to define the skill sets is considered to be more professional. If you already have written a resume but it’s not working well, go for rewrite content.

Content rewriting will help you in crafting a better resume that is eye-catching. Here are some latest trends and tip that will also guide you through. Check out these 8 executive resume trends that will help you to get at the forefront in searches and your profile will have a better chance of getting viewed more often.

1.    Create an appealing summary: It is a fact that recruiters view the first half of the resumes with more interest and a fresh mindset. The latter part is much known after seeing the initial part. Therefore be careful with the summary and goal part. Make an awesome summary with a brief about your biggest achievements so far. It should be crafted such that it catches the eyes of the recruiters and hiring managers.

2.    Try to be short and sweet: Try to make your professional CV as precise as possible. Lengthy profiles are no welcoming at all. High profile guys and recruiters don’t much time to waste on a single candidate’s profile. Hence, your profile must be short and sum up all your achievements and skills.

3.    Getting linked with Twitter and LinkedIn accounts: Make sure you are adding your social networking links to your resume. This trend is growing fast and is expected to be more essential in the future. Also, take care that you own a professional Twitter account and a sensible Facebook page. And, LinkedIn is looked upon by almost every recruiter, so better build a professional profile on LinkedIn that can make an impression on first look.

4.    Customize your profile as per the audience: When writing a resume and forwarding it to the third-party recruiters, you must take every possible action to get them motivated and convinced enough. While sending your resume to the hiring managers directly, you should try to speak about how can give your best and create results for them with your words. You must persuade them that you are simply going to make their life easier and much more prolific once hired.

5.    Use simple words instead of jargons: Keep you tone easy so that the readers find it easy to digest your information. Use short phrases and simple words instead of stuffing the resume with dense content multi-lined paragraphs. Use proper spacing and bullet points is needed to make it look neat. Once a recruiter glances your CV, he or she must not be able to turn it down until they reach the end of it.

6.    Ensure you begin with your achievements: First impression lasts long is an old quote that you may find useful here. Craft your resume such that you have highlighted your accomplishments in the summary itself. Later you may add in the employment details in brief. Use your resume as a marketing tool to sell yourself.

7.    Speak about your benefits instead of the experiences only: Almost all professionals who send resumes that is not for the entry level position hold good number of years as experience. What really counts is not the number of years but the amount of benefits gained by your previous company on hiring you. This will make an impact. Highlight your best deals made on behalf of the company that profited it. For instance, “I have been able to lessen the expenses on operations by 21% in a span of just 8 months” sounds more appealing and striking than just writing “I have gained 10 years of experience in sales and marketing.” So, be specific and to the point in talking about the profits.

8.    Treat your resume as a marketing tool for yourself: In the field of jobs and recruitments, you must have the capabilities to sell yourself the best. This decides your perks and compensations as well. So, just like business cards or your bio, make sure you make your resume a tool to symbolize your brand to hiring managers and companies. Use flowery texts that make the recruiters come behind you.

These latest resume writing trends are surely going to help you in building a creative and attractive resume. Follow each tip and draft your resume as perfectly and professionally as possible. You may take the help of professional resume writing service as well for better results. They will help you with resume rewrite in best possible way.

Laura Haynes works as a content manager and her hobby is guest post writing. She specialized in writing posts about the current trends in resume and CV writing. She believes that a well-written resume can be the key of your success.