The Best Jobs for Moms

Let’s be real here: The best jobs for moms are the jobs that offer flexibility. Whether you are up at night with a newborn or planning a graduation party for your high school child, having flexibility is key for your career.

Sadly too many employers don’t recognize the demands on working mothers. Mothers are expected to leave their personal life at home and be on auto pilot at work. It’s tough to find, but there are employers who are progressive when it comes to working moms. It’s scary that it has come to a point where even asking a prospective employee if they are married or have a family is illegal in most states, and most moms cringe if they are asked. There are a few things you should be looking for when considering a career if you have a family.

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4 Things Mothers Should Look for from an Employer

Before diving into our top job recommendations for moms, it helps to consider some of the features an employer can offer to attract talented moms. We used this as a starting criteria to help select the best jobs for moms that are outlined later in the article.

#1 - Substantial Family Leave

Generous family leave can take the stress out of the huge life transition of having kids. Look for a company that offers some serious fully paid family leave. Unfortunately, a lot of maternity leaves are unpaid or partially paid, and even fewer are extended to dads and new adoptive parents. Having paternity leave in addition to maternity leave is a major bonus for any family.

There are companies that offer significant paid time off for new mothers. At the top of the list is Ernst & Young, which offers 39 weeks maternity leave. Trailing far behind that, but still impressive are big name companies like Cisco (six months), Google (five months), and HP (20 weeks). Other well-known online companies, like Facebook, Reddit, Yahoo, and Hubspot all offer three months or more paid time off for new moms.

#2 - Flexible Schedule

Having flexibility is one of the most important benefits for the best jobs for moms. Whether you are a new mother or the mother of a high school age child, there are still demands even though they are different. A new mother may look for jobs that offer a nursing room, which is a big advantage to nursing mothers. Having a quiet room to spread out your equipment and relax while your pump is humming away is invaluable. A mother who has a high school age child may need to be available for a variety of important events. Being a mom isn’t limited to having preschool age children, many moms with older children need flexibility too.

#3 - Child Care Options

Dependable child care would be at the top of the list for most moms, if an employer offered that. Some employers do have on-site day care centers which allow moms to bring their child to work with them. There are several other options, such as referral day care centers, where most of the employees all bring their children. Some companies can offer backup child care options for last minute cancellations for scrambling parents.

Child care is nearly non-existent in the workplace today. However, there are several companies who still offer it today, either free or subsidized on-site child care. Patagonia stands out as a company that offers on-site childcare. The CEO believes it pays for itself because turnover with employees in the on-site child care program is 25% less than the rest of the workforce at the company. Women also make up half of the workforce, including half of the upper management positions at Patagonia. Yahoo is also a big company rumored to offer childcare for free. Other big companies, like Google, offer subsidized child care on-site.

#4 - Health and Wellness Options

More and more companies are starting to recognize the benefits of their employees being active and in good physical condition. Some are having gyms on the premises where others are allowing you to pop out during the day provided you make up the time on the other end. This is another stress reliever for working moms to be able to get a workout in without having to try to squeeze it in after work.

Be sure when you are searching for your next job, you try to get one of these four options. Having support and understanding of all aspects of yourself at work including being a parent is of great importance. With child care options in place you will be able to work at a much higher level with way less stress.

The Best Jobs for Moms Today

When looking at all the potential job options for moms, we considered all of the criteria above to find roles that might offer more flexibility and options for mothers. A lot of it depends on the company and culture specifically, but many of the jobs below have been proven to be great fits for moms.


One of the best jobs for moms is a recruiter. You will be in charge of marketing positions and looking for candidates for work. You will need to identify skills needed to fill vacancies. You will need to gain an understanding of business objectives, operations, and work environments. You’ll screen candidate for basic qualifications and connect right candidates to the right roles. The average salary is $61,000, but that varies greatly on your location and company. It’s common for recruiters to get paid commission as well.

Management Roles

At first glance, this type of job might not scream “mother”, but there are more women in management roles more than ever. That means women can influence change and establish new policies by being managers, as well as setting an example of juggling so much responsibility. Having more women in management roles of startup companies, for example, can help create a culture of awareness around the issues mothers deal with day-to-day. The salary will vary greatly depending on how high up you are and the company.

Dental Hygienist

A Dental Hygienist can work part-time hours and still earn a decent income. The average salary is $70,000, so working part-time, you can command around half of that.


Women like to care for people by nature, so it comes as no surprise that many mothers are drawn to this type of occupation. You can often set your own hours and have a following of loyal clients. The average salary is $60,000, but that really depends on your client base and reputation.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular. As more people realize the negative impact of long-term stress, there are more to take steps to remove it. The hours are very flexible and you have the opportunity to run your own business or work for a company. The average salary is about $40,000, but again, it depends who you work for or if you’re self-employed.


Healthcare is a great field for moms. Many of the jobs in the industry operate around the clock leaving a lot of flexibility for when you choose to work. Sonographer is just one of many jobs that are offered at hospitals. The average salary is about $58,000.00.

Fitness Trainer

What a great way to stay in shape while helping others. If you have the ability to motivate and ellevate people, this is a good job for you. The hours are very flexible and can be done on evenings and weekends if needed. You could even work with moms coming off their pregnancy. The average salary is about $43,000.

Elementary Teacher

As a Elementary Teacher you would have basically the same hours as your children with the same days off. If you are a creative person and you enjoy being around children, this may be a good option for you. Having summers off is a nice touch, but the maternity leave isn’t all that great, especially if you have a baby at the end of the summer. The average salary is a $40,000.


There are a lot of companies online looking for editors to edit for them. You can work as much or as little as you want to for yourself, or you can be hired by a company who will supply you with a steady flow of work. Salaries for editors can vary from as high as $110,000 at larger companies to on average of $45,000 for smaller companies.

Internet Marketer

Internet marketers don’t necessarily require a degree since many are self-taught, but a bachelor’s degree in marketing, or a similar field of work, can’t hurt. Whether it’s PPC or SEO, building and implementing online strategies to promote web properties is the name of the game. You’d be monitoring and tracking traffic to optimize keywords across various platforms. The average salary is about $60,000, but many advanced internet marketers go into business for themselves.

What are the Best Jobs for Moms over $100,000 a Year?

General Counsel

Lawyers are often hired by companies for general counsel. They may need advice, strategy, or legal guidance. Typically you can enjoy a very high salary with a lot of control over your schedule, but expect to be working some late nights. The average salary is $181,000.00.

Senior Tax Manager

There are companies who hire tax managers to provide year round oversight. This work can actually be done from home, while other tax managers focus on small business returns. That make some tax managers busy for only short periods during tax time. The average salary is 128,000.

Management Consultant

Many companies hire consultants to help strategize and organize their companies. They also hire them to help with internal struggles with employees and other work related issues. Consultants have the ability to place employees in the best positions based on their personalities. Often times just a change in roles will make the whole business run more smoothly. The average salary is $118,000.

Sales Trainer

Sales trainers help train the employees to be more successful salespeople by mentoring and passing on sales techniques. They teach employees how to set goals and reach them. Once the goals are reached they come up with incentives to motivate the employee by offering rewards. The average salary is $124,00.00.


Pharmacists are among the highest paying careers for women with a lot of flexibility Many pharmacists can work part time and still bring in a whopping salary. CareerBliss says, “Pharmaceutical workers are offered high pay, flexible environment, and the feeling of being rewarded at work.” The average salary is $104,000.

Whether you decide to work from home or go part-time in a line of work you are currently involved in, it’s good to know that there are more work options out there that will fit your personal parenting style. For those of you who plan to continue working full-time at your career, look for companies that offer support to female employees.

Other Job Resources for Moms

Mom Corps

You may want to consider Mom Corps, a division of Corps Team. They are a full-service search and staffing company following the latest trends and talent management. This Atlanta based company is one of the first companies to see the potential of mothers looking for flexible, part-time work.

After you fill out the paperwork you will be contacted by a recruiter. Individual registration is free and you could upgrade to $10/month to be a premium member. As a premium member you will receive access to monthly coaching session from the CEO, Allison O’Kelly, and direct email access to their recruiters with 24-hour response time. You’ll also get the first chance at applying for available jobs. There is a broad range of jobs offered from virtual to onsite. Mom Corps has been featured all over major media and has received many awards.

Flexible Jobs

Another resource to check out for moms is It doesn’t take long for a new mother to realize that life at work has changed in a big way. You try to get right back to work and return to normal, but it’s tough to work at crazy speeds, and your priorities may have shifted slightly.

Another option is working from home doing some kind of freelance or contract work. We know that 43% of women leave the workforce after having a child. Wouldn’t it make more sense to try to stay in the workforce by using your skill set to work flexible hours? Once the family is more manageable, you can return to your full potential without feeling you’ve been out of the workforce too long. There are many jobs that allow telecommuting that can be hybrid (meaning you can be in the office several days and work from home the other days).

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