5 Useful Space-saving Resume Tips

The resume; your possible future employer’s first look at who you are and what you have done. It truly is one of the defining factors when it comes to getting that dream job. That is why it is very important to have a great resume, and a great resume is not a long and boring one. Some think there might be an advantage to having a long resume, but there really is not. You want the employer to be able to read through everything fairly quickly.

So here they are: 5 useful space-saving resume tips

1. Do not repeat things

One of the biggest mistakes people do is listing up the same role several times. It does not matter that you have had the same kind of role in five different companies, what matters is that you have had that role, and how long you had it. There is no reason to list up that you were a writer for your local newspaper when you also were a writer for a major newspaper. Pick the best one, and do not list up the rest. This will definitely save you space, how much depends on how many times you had the same role.

2. Relevance is key

If you are applying to become a barista, there is no reason to write on your resume that you have worked as a writer. The two are not connected in any way. Only talking about the experience you have had that is relevant to the job you are applying for, is a fantastic way to cut down the length of your resume. Read the job description several times over, and make sure to get an idea of what they are looking for, also to make this process easier you can use resume writing services. When you have done this, only list experiences that are close to the skills they need.

3. Make your name smaller

For some reason, many men and women looking for work think it is a good idea to write their name in huge letters. Well, simply put; it definitely is not. The employer is not a four-year-old, he or she can read text in smaller a fonts. A huge name can take up a lot of valuable space that you could use on important experiences. So please, whatever you do, just make sure the name is written in the same font as everything else. Alternatively, you can bold your name to make it stand out.

4. Do not focus on high school

If by any chance you went to a super special high school renowned for its fantastic teachers and great students, you can look away from this point. However, if you are like anyone else in, do not focus on your high school education. In fact, you should probably leave it out completely. It spends valuable space that could be used on something much more important, because let us face it; your high school education most likely has no relevance whatsoever to the job you are applying for.

5. No references upon request

Another mistake that seems to be extremely common is spending an entire line to write that the phrase “References available upon request.” You might even leave a blank line over it to make it look better. This is extremely unnecessary, and take up a ton of space. If the employer needs or wants a reference, they will indeed ask you for one. It would be strange if you had no references available, and the employer thinks so to.

So our final tip, is to not spend precious space on an unneeded phrase.