How to Write a Resume for Multiple Jobs at One Company

Crafting a resume is one of the keys to getting the job of your dream. However, unfortunately, not all people realize how a good resume should look like. What if you worked for one company for a long time without leaving it and got promoted within your department? What is the best way to list these promotions and your changed position on your resume?

If you do not know the answer, do not feel sad. It is good enough that you understand the significance of a good CV, and with our simple tips, you will be able to craft an outstanding resume which will get you the position you always wanted. So, if it is the kind of knowledge you can use right now, then read on and utilize our advice for your own benefit.

There are several approaches to this issue. They have some similarities but still differ in the core structure. So, be careful with what you choose for your CV.

1. Show how you grew professionally within one department.

It is a great thing if your management promoted you within one department. It means that you are an excellent employee able to learn fast and take your knowledge to the next level. Therefore, you should show it correctly in the resume so that other potential employers can see it the same way.

Thus, what you can do is make a list of all job positions you held in one company. Write the name of the company and its location and right below it mention all the major positions you held.

Remember that the most recent position should be at the top of the list while the others should be written down from the latest to the earliest. Do not add too many positions, though. And if you can combine some of them at one point, do it.

Under each position, add several points which will state what your key responsibilities were. We would recommend you to edit your resume in case you mentioned these responsibilities in a way other than listing your greatest achievements. Employers want to see the results and the most significant benefits you brought to your company. So, instead of mentioning some tasks you dealt with, demonstrate what you achieved. For instance, say that once you became a regional manager of the supply company in question, you created a scheme which made deliveries faster and made customers happier.

This is one of the options, but there is another one. So, read on.

2. Focus on the list of positions.

In the option above, you focused on demonstrating your achievements at each of the positions. However, what we offer now is focusing on the list of posts you held with dates next to each of them. Instead of mentioning achievements at each job, you can try focusing on delivering a combined list of your accomplishments at all the positions. Simply indicate that you were promoted. Meanwhile, under this list, mention how you contributed to the company in general as well as what you learned while working there.

Keep it short, though. We are sure that there are plenty of things one can write in each line, but the truth is employers do not have that much time to read it all. So, instead try your best to choose the most impressive facts and add them to your resume. Do not bore employers to death with detailed explanations. You can add a link to your LinkedIn profile where there are more details available.

Also, remember about proper formatting which will make it easier for the employers to go through your resume. Do not choose small or hard-to-read fonts. And let the text flow from one point to another smoothly by inserting dates and creating headlines for each position.

These are only two of the most efficient ways to compose a resume that could help you get the desired position. They both offer you a chance to show how you climbed the career ladder as well as what progress you made while working at some company. Such layout will make it easier for you to put emphasis on special achievements, so a potential hirer will be able to see how you grew and contributed to the company.

So, if you got promoted several times at some company, then choose one of these two options of demonstrating your skills and experiences, so that the next employer will love your resume and will choose you over the rest of the candidates. Do you know any other secrets to creating a proper resume in such case? If so, then share them with us! We would love to hear more about your experience.

Lori Wade is a freelance content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an aspiring tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do. If you are interested in writing, you can find her on Twitter or Google+ or find her on other social media. Read and take over Lori’s useful insights!