Things you should never put on your resume

The resume is one of the most important things that job employers need to see before hiring a worker. Headhunters usually spend about ten seconds on reading the resume and you have to make these ten seconds stunning for a person who is going to read it. Most job seekers focus on what to write on a resume, therefore, they forget about the things that are better not to include.

In this article we want to talk about Top 10 things you should never put in your resume in order not to derail your job search:

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Tasks without results

Not only the place of work and your duties matter. Write about what you have accomplished because results of your efforts are important. Mentioning the tasks is a good thing to do, however, without your results they seem to be nothing. For example, if you offer essay help online, write that you have helped more than a hundred students to hand in their course works on time.

Negative information

Even if you have some bad stories of your life, the resume is not a place to talk about them. Your resume should promote you and show yourself from the best perspective. Thus, try to make an impression that you are a totally positive person and talk about your dark stories only after you have scored an interview (if you want to).

An insane objective

Do not write on your resume that you want to become a billionaire or spend all the gained money on your eight dogs. It may sound funny to you, however, not so funny for your boss. If your objective is weird, be sure that nobody is going to read the rest of your resume.

Unimportant achievements

Well, maybe you think that winning an eating contest is a great thing you did, however, this information is better not to add to your resume. Write only about the professional and community achievements and forget about the things that are important only for you.

Weird hobbies

If you like building homes for your ten hamsters or barking with the dogs on the streets (who knows…), we recommend you not to mention it. It is better to make a short list of hobbies that are more generic such as “swimming”, “riding a bicycle” or “traveling”.

Unprofessional E-mail

If you have an e-mail address like “”, we recommend you to change it to a more official one. For example, a good variant is to add the first letter of your name at the beginning and your surname afterward. It may be something like “”.

Private Information

Your private information should not be exposed in public. Leave out your sexual orientation, marital status, a number of children you have and you political or religious affiliations. This information may not only be irrelevant but can also influence a decision about hiring you in a bad way. Think twice before writing!

Salary history

Do not write about your salary in the places you have worked before.

Doing this can provoke four negative HR manager’s thoughts:

  • You want too much, therefore, you overestimate yourself

  • You want too little, therefore, you underestimate yourself

  • You want to brag

  • You want to be a sad spectacle

Furthermore, do not write about your salary expectations in your resume.

Your appearance

If you apply for a job that is not about modeling or acting, then consider getting rid of the information about your appearance. Nobody cares if you have long legs, fluffy mustache or plump lips, HR manager cares only about your brain and its abilities!


We understand that you have to promote yourself as good as you can, however, you need to do it accurately and without saying lies. Although you can exaggerate some information a little bit (e.g. write that you are very helpful, talented and have perfect communication skills), here should be no place for lies in your resume. A lot of people lie about their work experience and especially about the timelines of their work history. However, it is very simple to check for a headhunter. One call or e-mail and your lies are revealed. Be careful and write only truth because lies can cost you a job!

All in all, when you seek for a new job, the first thing you need to do is to write the perfect resume, which can promote you and stand out from the thousands of other resumes. Headhunters spend a little time on making a “fit/no fit” decision, therefore, we recommend you to not only add an amusing information but also structure your content in an appropriate way and choose the best resume format. Moreover, use simple fonts and do not use rainbow’s colors, make your resume simple and easy to read. In addition, we recommend you read an article about 5 student’s habits to be removed for a successful career. Good luck!