Leave Your Parents Out of Your Job Search

You've probably heard the term "helicopter parent". The phrase used to describe over eager moms and dads who like to but into everything their kid is doing without letting learn on their own. Well that phenomena has seeped into the job hunt too.

A recent thread of recruiters I saw on Facebook the other day tells the story of several times a parent called a recruiter or interrupted an interview on behalf of their kid.

Needless to say these candidates did not get the job! Look at these quotes from actual recruiters and don;t let this happen to you. Your parents won't help you get the job, getting them involved will only hurt your chances.

I’ve rejected two fresh grads because their dads called me directly. Just... no.
— Martin B.
oh dear... when you spend a considerable amount of time chatting on twitter with the father of an applicant... you have to wonder about the quality of candidate.
— Kerry N.
I once had a mother threaten to “fight me in the parking lot” after her daughter was fired (for not coming to work...)
— Jo W.
I was skyping a young candidate for a Steward role when I began to here her mother in the background. Soon she had pushed her kid out of the way and was grilling me on the job.
— Cruise Line recruiter