How to prepare yourself for the job market (college grads) #podcast

Jeff Kavanaugh is a Managing Partner and also leads campus recruiting efforts at Infosys (one of the world’s largest IT consulting firms with over $9bn a year in revenue) and is also an Adjunct Professor at The University of Texas. He's a part-time farmer, history buff, and tennis fanatic. But his real passion is consulting. Learn more at

We’re going to talk about how today’s college grads can better prepare themselves for entering the job market.

- You meet with hundreds of new grads each year...What are the traits you look for in new hires?

- How do you look for these traits? favorite questions….?

What are the best ways to train critical thinking skills?

- What are the most common mistakes you see in recent grads?

- If you were giving advice to your 20 year old self, how would you prepare for the current job market?

- Do you think unpaid internship are a good idea for young people?

- How can young people figure out the best career direction? Future jobs..robots

- What do you teach in your UT class to prepare students for the job market?

- Why do you think the educational system doesn't prepare students well?