Prepare for Job Hunting in a Modern World

The average job hunter knows that effective resume is the key to success, and it should be posted on the most popular sites to get noticed by the potential employer. Also, common knowledge states that a seeker should be active and apply online by visiting special sites to make more employers see their resume. This technique however should not be the first way to go because the resume posted online should pass a round of robots that scan the net for keywords.

As a result, job hunters often send their resumes into the abyss and receive little or no response. In today’s digital world, job hunting became a complex thing because of the technology, which, if used properly, can provide some great benefits. Read below to know how to accomplish this task.

Be ready for Camera

Today, many employers request potential candidates to conduct the interview through the Internet to get to know them before inviting to the office. An interviewer generally proposes to arrange a Skype video chat, so he or she could take a look and talk with the candidate to ask a number of specific questions and evaluate the answers. Also, be ready to perform a small test task on such interviews because the recruiter may ask to see you ‘in action.’

Use Tools

Professional networking sites have been helping people to find job for nearly a decade now. Perhaps the most famous one is LinkedIn, a network that had more than 400 million members in 2015, two-thirds of which could be considered as potential employers. On this site, the profile is basically the resume that includes all professional information related to job search, including experience, skills, background, and contact data and so on. Moreover, the users are free to browse the profiles of employers who also post jobs and create groups to unite people with similar professional skills.

Use Keywords

Modern recruiters often look for candidates by the skills that are necessary for the organization. For example, if a company needs a PHP programmer, the recruiter might search the net this specific language. This example is simple but you will be surprised how many skills could be used as keywords in the candidate search. What this means to the job seekers is very clear: the resume posted online should be filled with keywords that are used to refer to the professional qualifications. Moreover, the recruiters can look for candidates that worked for specific companies: for example, “academic writer Royal Essays” would indicate that a writer should have experience working with this particular company.

Update, update, update

Resume, whether online or printed, should show the latest set of your skills to be the most effective. If you learned a new skill or have anything that could be helpful in the job search, feel free to include this information in the resume because other seekers learn as well. The same could be said about profiles at professional networks: visit the site and update it constantly.

Go Places

Another important thing to remember for modern job seekers is to visit networking events where they can make connections that could help starting a career (many of them can be found even on Facebook!). Today, many companies arrange different events that gather professionals from various fields, so it is a perfect opportunity to meet the right people and stand out in the clutter.

By using these simple techniques, job hunting might become an easier task. Even though technologies have changed the way we look for work, their proper use can give an edge and help to stand out among others. Always be prepared and confident and you will be surprised how much you can achieve.

Author: Tom Jager is a professional blogger based in London. He covers topics related to digital marketing, blogging, social media and business in general. He is always seeking to discover new ways for professional and personal growth.