How to Improve Your Salary Negotiation Skills

If you want to improve your salary negotiation skills this is the show you need to listen to!

Josh Doody didn't negotiate his salary at his first few jobs, but soon began to realize he was leaving money on the table. Once He began negotiating and doubled his salary in three years. With the experience and confidence he gained from doubling his own salary, he began helping others increase their salaries as well.

He took everything he learned from that experience and began helping others by writing Fearless Salary Negotiation. Since he published the book at the end of 2015, he has helped many more people earn higher salaries.

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In this show we will answer some of the follow questions about salary negotiation;

  • What is the biggest salary negotiation mistake you see? 

  • How do you get a strong job offer? 

  • How much should one counteroffer? 

  • Can you negotiate for things like extra vacation and a signing bonus? How? 

  • How do you set your minimum acceptable salary? 

  • How do you negotiate a raise at your current company? 

  • Is changing companies the only way to get a big salary increase (say 10% or more)?