Jason Nazar from Comparably Talks Culture & Salaries

It's time for a new episode of Career Cloud Radio. On this episode you'll hear Jason Nazar, CEO of Comparably.com. Click the play button below the image to listen to this 27 minute episode.

Jason Nazar is one of the most active tech entrepreneurs and investors in southern California, and is a popular contributor for Wall Street Journal, Forbes, INC, Fortune, and Business Insider. Currently he is co-founder/CEO of Comparably, an online platform that monitors the job industry and makes workplace compensation and culture dramatically more transparent.

Prior to Comparably, he founded Docstoc -- the largest small business content site with over 50 million members -- before he sold it to Intuit in 2013 for a reported $50M. Named one of the most admired CEOs by the Los Angeles Business Journal, He is also Entrepreneur in Residence for the City of Los Angeles


“When an entrepreneur starts a company, the culture is a reflection of her personality. And in it’s formative years Culture is simply a function of those early employees. Fast forward and large organizations try and make culture a pyramid of ideas that fit on posters and an arms race of perks vs their competitors. But those are paper & plastic symbols. Culture is always people. It’s the values, work habits & personalities of the people servicing the product and customers.”

Show Topics Include:

  • What's the state of the job industry today and what does it mean when people talk about transparency in pay and workplace culture?

  • Is creating a culture simply a matter of hiring the right people?

  • What is the future of company culture…? It seems to be tech company driven...will large companies ever learn?

  • Where can people find resources to compare their salaries to know if and what they should ask for?

  • You've hired a lot of people over the years. What are some dos and don'ts of salary negotiating listeners should know about?

  • A lot of people talk about pay gap -- is it real and if so, how do women need to negotiate differently than men?

  • Other than salary, are there other benefits people should negotiate for? (Paid time off, flex schedule, equity, perks, etc)

  • What wisdom can you impart for millennials and first-time job seekers in terms of negotiation power? Do they have any?

  • Last words of advice...

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