The 2017 Resume - Trends to Follow

Keeping up with the trends in resume writing is important. Employers are expecting you to research and be knowledgeable in this field. No one has the time to scan through a 10 pages resume anymore.

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Professional resume help is a service that has been doing well in 2017. This is because people are realizing it is a skill. Sometimes finding a resume writing professional might be the difference between getting the job and not. Some of us like to strive on and figure things out for ourselves though. If you are one of those people let’s try and help you.

What will the trends be in 2017 and how can you prepare yourself?

  1. You do not have to list all the schools you attended. Resumes are cutting out all unnecessary information and it will be even more summarized in 2017. Show only the schools that are relevant to your application or the ones with the highest credentials.

  2. Hiring a professional. These resume writing companies are popping up overnight. This is because people are too busy trying to keep up with the latest trends. These companies keep up with the latest resume format, just to name a few. There is definitely a market for professional resume writers and this will become even bigger in 2017.

  3. Proven experience will become a must. Long gone are the days of lying on your resume. You would need to provide evidence of these experiences and skills that you have.

  4. LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn has really taken off in the last few years. 2017 would be no different. Your LinkedIn profile would probably become your online resume. This is where employers are head hunting good candidates right now. I suppose in the future, you would not need to apply for jobs anymore. Your employer would probably call you before you even know about the job.

  5. Your twitter account will be a new resume trend. Make sure you have a professional twitter account because this is where employers are going now to look at your online presence. Share your knowledge with your followers and be consistent. This could be seen as leadership skills.

  6. The use of caps only will not be accepted in 2017. We have started disliking the use of caps a while ago. You are not screaming so there is no need to use it in your entire resume.

  7. One page resume will be a trend in 2017. Managers and employers don’t have time to waste. You have to summarize your knowledge and abilities very well. The space will be limited but your entries should sum it all up and leave nothing out. This is a skill but it is one you are going to have to master in 2017.

  8. Companies may have their own resume format. Many details are sent online these days. Many companies will send you a document (resume) you have to complete and send as a resume. You would simply be capturing your data on their system.

  9. Applicant tracking machines are growing more popular. You have to be able to write a resume with specific keywords which will be picked up by the company’s ATS.

  10. Bullets and numbers will become a must. No more paragraph style resumes. It is almost impossible to write a professional resume without the use of bullets and numbers. Employers are going to start insisting on this for an easy point read.

  11. No more colorful fonts. Gone are the days where you could be super creative with your resume. How is your future employer supposed to read a light yellow font? This is going to be unacceptable in 2017. A professional document is always written in black to avoid eye strain and incorrect reading.

There will always be newer and better trends coming out in 2017. The above list is our predictions. With the way technology is moving forward, everything will become more condensed. Who know for how long we will have to write resumes. It may all be gone one of the days. Profiles like LinkedIn will become more and more popular and will replace an actually resume in the near future. I have received so many job offers through LinkedIn so make sure you have a profile on there.

Your online presence is very important. Just be sure to only load professional information online. Having a bad presence online could be seen as you not keeping up with the times. If you are pursuing a profession, take down all online information that portrays you otherwise. The party you went to where you got drunk should not be on your Facebook account. They will find it and you do not want that. Basically, your online presence will soon become your resume.