The Outdated Job Seeker Part 1

You might be an outdated job seeker if... apply for a job for which you aren't qualified, because you think that if you throw enough applications out there, you are going to get a favorable response.

...the resume or application you submit is not tailored specifically for the job. aren't adding at least a new connection a day to your network. haven't reached out to at least three network connections this week. haven't created a complete LinkedIn profile (assuming a professional employment interest). send the generic connection request to someone to join your social network. haven't added rich media to your social profiles, which showcase your expertise. haven't updated your LinkedIn profile (added a post, made a comment, liked a connection's new job, etc.) at least 4 times a week.'ve accepted an invitation to interview and don't know who your interviewers are, the spelling of their names, and their role or position at the employer.. haven't used LinkedIn, Google, and social media to research each interviewer. haven't developed a strategic career plan, and managed your career accordingly. haven't converted your job experiences into statements of quantified accomplishments (what value or results you delivered). don't illustrate your interview responses by examples that point out what you actually accomplished. think a single email thank you cc'd to all your interviewers is sufficient.

Submitted by Hank Boyer. Hank works with some of America’s top companies, helping them implement best practice strategies and programs to improve their hiring, staff development, leadership effectiveness, and sales.  Hank has written a number of books, including two textbooks on career and job search that are in their sixth editions.