How to Find Jobs and Stalk Recruiters on Twitter

Twitter is chock full of jobs. It's basically another large, national job site for your toolbox. So we'd like to point out a few simple ways to use it for your job search. Lets start with a basic job search. The key, is keeping your query simple.

For instance, if you are looking for a marketing job in Hartford, CT you should simply type the phrase "marketing #job hartford" in the upper right search box.

Your results will look like this. Be sure to click the "Live" tab to default results to most recent.

By using the hashtag in front of #jobs you filter out actual job postings. If you don't use hashtags you are likely to see more non-job listings in your results.

Another popular hashtag associated with jobs n twitter is #hiring. You may want to alternate searches with that keyword, "marketing #hiring hartford" to see additional jobs.

Next you will want to save this search so you can come back and check it the next day. Under the "More Options" drop-down just select "Save this Search".

Twitter will store the search in the search box itself once you click it again.

Now lets take a look at a way to find recruiters.

Stalk Companies You Want to Work For

There are tens of thousands of recruiters and employers on Twitter. As a job hunter it's in your best interest to stalk them. Not only can you see when jobs get posted in real-time but you can also reach out to them by asking questions, retweeting them and following what they say.

For this query we recommend using the advanced search form located at ...

Lets look for recruiters and HR professionals with this kind of search.

In the 'Any of these words' field type recruiter, HR, talent. These are the 3 most common words recruiters use to describe themselves in their bios.

In the 'None of these' field add in some sports words to filter out since accounts that mention college recruiting are not what you want.

Under Places choose the state or city you want to search in. Run the search and click the Accounts tab to see just profiles. Your result will look like this;

Click here to see these results live.

Now you can begin to follow any recruiter you want. In addition we recommend adding them to a list that will let you easily follow just these accounts on one screen. Click the little gear icon to the left of the follow button and create/save your list.

This is how you use Twitter to job hunt. Go get 'em!

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