Career & Recruiting Advice from Tim Sackett

Tim Sackett is the president of HRU Technical Resources, an engineering and IT staffing firm based in Michigan. He’s also a prolific blogger in the recruiting industry and he’s full of opinions and advice which is why we're glad to speak with him on CareerCloud Radio. Whether a job hunter, recruiter or HR professional, his blog is chock full of practical knowledge.

On this podcast we'll cover a variety of topics, including;

  • So how’s the staffing business, what do you expect in the job market this year?

  • You write a lot about Recruiting technology on your it getting better or are companies still not using it properly to recruit?

  • What do you think of all this new “matchmaking technology” that’s coming out. LinkedIn has matching now, eHarmony, etc...

  • You say 'the best talent expects the toughest interviews, can you elaborate?

  • You wrote a post last summer with some advice from a job seeker about how to change careers, tell us about that.

  • Resumes, are they dying? Online vs Paper.

  • What’s a “high tenured individual” and why is it a good idea to be one?

  • The worst thing that ever happened in the history of Talent Acquisition was the phrase, “We only hire the best talent”.

  • "It’s why always laugh when a hiring manager tells me they will never hire someone who has been fired from a job. Really!?  I actually only want people who have been fired from jobs! I want people who have failed, and have a giant chip on their shoulder to show the world they are better than that."

  • As we start a new job hunting season what last words of advice do you have for job seekers?