Thoughts from a Career Coach

Career coach Donna Sweiden posted some thoughts on Facebook the other after a day of coaching clients at her NYC office. What followed was a fresh, honest peek into her day and the minds of her job seekers We think its a fascinating look into the life of a career coach. and she gave us permission to post it. Donna's company is called Careerfolk based in Stamford CT & NYC.

Phew! Relieved to be wrapping a long day of coaching in NYC. So interesting to observe how different people deal with the negative feelings and self-talk that they carry around. Some push it under the rug, not wiling to admit the damage and self-sabotage they are doing to themselves, while others are willing to push through the pain, the profound fears and intense self-doubt, and take in what I have to say to accomplish their goals. I have experienced both this week and I am pleased to report that two out of the three were able to accept and embrace the much needed positive energy I supplied them with.

Client # 1 reported on an amazing job offer this morning, depsite all his fears and reservations he has of his own capacity to take on this big job...Sometimes we really need a cheerleader in our corner to help us cross the finish line. His words this morning... "Thanks so much for believing in me and supplying much needed help and confidence over the past few months."

Client #2 reported a complete about turn in his faith in himself to pursue the career that that he has always wanted to explore, but consistently faced doubts from his parents and inturn, these were deeply inbedded in his own thinking.

It was so amazing to hear him tell me today how he is finally ready to explore the path that he has always wanted to, and was no longer letting himself be persuaded by the external pressures (read: parental expectations) that have left him adrift ever since college. Amazing to see that now that he has opened himself to pursuing his own interests, the universe is responding in the most positive way.

And then there was Client # 3 today who just spoke over me, refusing to hear what I had to say.. Not much I can report on there.

So, what's the takeaway... #1. we all need cheerleaders in our lives and if you know someone going through a job search or career transition, encourage them to get help because none of us can see our blind spots. I think it's inherent in human nature to sometimes not be able to think through the whole situation adequately, especially when their are thoughts in your head conspiring against you.

#2. No one person can tell another person what the right career path is for them. If you're a parent and you're trying to encourage your child down one path or another, please reconsider doing this, and get them some career counseling which is an objective, unbiased process based on very specific factors to each individual.

Our happiness is inextricably linked to our professional satisfaction and fullfilment and the only way to figure out what the right career fit is, is through a comprehensive career assessment and making sure that ones personality, interests, values and skills are in allignment. Most people don't have enough information about themselves and make the wrong decisions, or they are pushed in a certain direction by others that simply does not align and ultimately land up unhappy, unfulfilled, and lost. 

That's all.. thanks for reading... just had to share these stories because I think that there are a lot of people out there with the same experiences. Any thoughts?