Funny Skype Interview Stories

We asked our recruiter network what sort of funny or strange things they have seen during a Skype job interview. Here are some of their best submissions for your reading pleasure.

Count these as things NOT to do in your next Skype interview. :-)

  1. Cruise Line recruiter: I was skyping a young candidate for a Steward role when I began to here her mother in the background. Soon she had pushed her kid out of the way and was grilling me on the job. 
  2. Hospital Recruiter: Pet parrot flying through the room - FTW!
  3. IT recruiter: Skype call with a analyst in Iraq. Bombs went off...good times.
  4. Unknown: The candidate was dressed professionally throughout the interview while sitting during the Skype interview. Then at the end of the interview they stood up and they were in their underwear.
  5. Former HR pro: I once interviewed a candidate and he was sitting before what I can only describe as an altar to booze. 
  6. Recruiter from Iowa: The potential sales rep was speaking with me, when her naked husband walked up behind her put his hands around her head and asked "Guess who followed by, what you doing?"
  7. Recruiter from Iowa: A guy clearly not computer savvy was using his mobile phone. Holding it by his waist and looking up. He obviously didn't have any shirt on so I see a little bit of his head, and his hairy chest. (Actually hired him, because other than being technically ignorant he was a great candidate. One stipulation, NEVER talk to a client like that and I never want to see that again.)
  8. Recruiter from Iowa: A nice lady was being interviewed when her son entered the room and urinated on the floor behind her. I laughed and she honestly was horrified!
  9. CEO: I once had a candidate eat ramen noodles with chopsticks while interviewing for a business development job. She didn't get it, but I DID take her up on an offer for sushi!

Now learn your lesson job seekers. Don't let your Skype interview end up on the internet like these did. Don't be funny, be smart!