PODCAST: Jim Stroud and his Number One Job Hunting Book

Jim Stroud has been in the recruiting industry since 1997. He’s worked for companies such as Microsoft, Google and his current employer Ranstad Sourceright. He’s also an entrepreneur, has authored several books, been and knows what it takes to succeed in a job search. Today's he's here to discuss his latest book entitled "The Number One Job Hunting Book in the World".

Topics for this show include;

  • Set the scene for us...whats the current state of the job market...are job seekers finally getting the upperhand?

  • What will job seekers learn in this book?

  • Tip for finding up and coming companies

  • Explain where people get hired (sources of hire study)

  • Social - recruiters are googling you before they hire you...whats this mean for candidates?

  • You tell job seekers to job hunt in a group, why?

  • What is a proactive job seeker?

  • Why is twitter/facebook good for finding jobs?

  • Should job seekers try cold calling for jobs?

Special thanks to Amtrak Careers for sponsoring this episode.