Real Tips for Acing an Interview

The biggest mistakes candidates have when interviewing is not asking the same question to multiple people (at the employer) during the interview.
— Tom Gimbel

Tom Gimbel is the CEO of LaSalle Network, a leading staffing and recruiting firm headquartered in Chicago.

He’s a nationally recognized job search expert with over two decades of experience in the staffing industry. Today he'll talk about real, practical tips that will help you stand out and ace the interview. In particular we will discuss;

  • How would you characterize the state of job market both locally and nationally?

  • Whats the most basic thing job seekers get wrong about the interview?

  • Going the extra mile before an interview. Do more than just glance at the company website: job seekers can take extra steps so they're over prepared for every interview.

  • Avoid common yet unconscious mistakes. Job seekers make a lot of body language mistakes they may not notice, but these mistakes can influence the interviewer.

  • Answer tough questions honestly. Job seekers don't have to fear interviewers' questions if they know how why interviewers are asking them and how to approach an answer.

  • Ask the right questions. Leave an impression with well-researched, insightful questions.

  • Follow up tactfully. Email? Text message? Carrier pigeon? There's a right time and way to follow up after an interview.

  • What do you wish job seekers knew about working with a staff firm that they dont?

  • Final advice for job seekers…

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