10 Sites to Post Your Resume Online

As a job seeker you can't win if you don't play. That's why its important for you to maximize your chance of being found online. Today's job search means more than just searching for jobs. It means exposing your resume to as many recruiters as possible. Post your resume to the sites below that will increase your chances of being found.

  1. Indeed - Perhaps the biggest resume database of them all. Its free for recruiters to search. They pay a dollar to get the right to email you. (Link)
  2. Linkedin - Yeah no surprise here. Take your resume and add more context to it. Every recruiter uses Linkedin.
  3. CareerBuilder - one of the most popular job sites running, adding your resume here is a no brainer. (Link)
  4. Monster - ditto. No brainer. They have a variety of samples to help as well. (Link)
  5. Dice - if you are a techie this is the site for you. Lots of tech recruiters search this site every day. (Link)
  6. ZipRecruiter - one of the newest players on the scene, this sites resume database is one of the fastest growing recruiting sites online today. (Link)
  7. Beyond - this company operates hundreds of job sites and has a large collection of resumes for recruiters to search. (Link)
  8. The Ladders - you can post your resume for free. (Link)
  9. Local job boards - seek out your popular local sites like Craigslist. Every state has a cadre of local job sites you can post a resume on. Our job board directory is a good place to find them.
  10. Niche job boards - every industry has several job boards that service it. For instance if you are in marketing check out sites like MarketingJobs.com & TalentZoo.com.

Want more places to post your resume? Use our job board directory to find even more sites.

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