A Job Search Success Story Podcast

At CareerCloud we like to feature real stories from real job seekers and Sheila answered our call for stories. so today we are going to learn how he went about his job hunt and get you some practical advice along the way

In this espidode we'll talk about:

  • How long have you been in the role? 2 months  

  • What did you do previously? I was a marketing strategist at a hospital in the Bronx

  • What was the motivation for change? I was let go unfortunately before I found another position---tell the bar story

  • How did you start your search? (name sites and any preparation you did) I wrote a bit in the response to your query but everything! Started by visiting the unemployment agency where they had a specific database they used (cant recall the name)…other sites: Craigslist, mediabistro, linkedin, monster, indeed, simplyhired, careerbuilder. I also used plenty of staffing agencies too. I also used glassdoor to preview any companies I was interviewing at

  • Where did you learn about the job initially? My current job I heard about on craigslist.

  • Detail the hiring process from start to finish?  I responded to the anonymous ad on craigslist for a ‘small business in Greenwich CT’. they emailed me to set up a date. I interviewed with the CEO for about a half hour and then was told he would be in touch. He reached out again to set up a time to meet a couple of his team members, so I came back in for round 2 and met with two of his right hand men. I was then called and offered the role that same day.

  • How long was the process from start to finish? From applying to job offer 3 weeks

  • How many interviews did you have in total through your job search? From March-October I couldn’t tell you! If I had to guess 60-80 maybe, a lot!

  • How many jobs did you apply to in total? Hundreds. Honestly I spent 8 hours a day 3-4 days a week applying to jobs for months and months…

  • Did you write your own resume? I wrote my own, then doubted my skills and received edits from people I knew in the industry, didn’t change much but I wanted to make sure I was doing everything humanly possible to land a job.

  • What was the biggest surprise you encountered in your job hunt? That even with a Masters degree and job experience, its still very hard!!

  • What sites or resources did you find most useful in your job hunt? Craigslist!!!

  • What advice do you have for other job seekers? My advice would be to make sure you do everything possible to get yourself out there. Use every resource available…I never thought I would be utilizing unemployment ever and it helped out with interviews and actually kept me on track with their job tools for organizing my contacts/prospects.

  • Go on every interview too! Jobs I knew were ‘not for me’ I went to anyway because you never know who you will meet and practice never hurts. Lastly, the struggle is literally real…do not get down on yourself. It’s easier said than done but it will happen for you if you keep at it and utilize all your resources!! I actually made a vow that when I landed a job that I would give back to a college grad in some way…when I was offered this role my boss told me he had two choices, offer me more money or hire an assistant for my department who was fresh out of school. I told him to hire her and she is great!

If you know of any job seekers  that just landed a job and would like to be interviewed on this podcast just send an email via our contact page.

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