6 Recruiting Mistakes That Keep Talent Away From Your Company

Recruiting is hard enough as it is. Tons of resumes flood in, and you have the daunting task of sifting through all of them to identify who you believe to be the most talented applicants for the position. As hard as you may try to spot the right ones, and as keen as your eye may be, there’s always a chance that your dream employee’s resume is sitting in the discard pile. Fortunately, this is an avoidable blunder if you modify your selection process.

1. Believing the myth about overqualified applicants

You may have seen an application or two that blows you away. Sally has ten years of experience, graduated from the best college in the world with the highest honors, is an airplane stunt pilot, can juggle flaming swords, and whistle with crackers in her mouth. She’s incredible – in fact, too incredible -  and you think that means she’s going to move on really quickly. Chances are, Sally knows she’s overqualified for the job, and you’re probably making the mistake of turning away someone who can bring incredible levels of innovation to your company.

2. Recruiting through a closed scope

How many places do you recruit from? Local colleges, popular job boards, and recruitment agencies all have their places when it comes to filling jobs. Are you sure you’re not making a mistake by passing up better opportunities? Sometimes, you’ll do better thinking outside the box. Just because something is a traditional method, that doesn’t mean it’s the best method.

3. Only hiring likeable people

This doesn’t mean you should only hire abrasive bullies – it simply means that “likeable” does not mean “right for the job.” Coworkers don’t have to be best friends, as long as they’re all competent professionals who are willing to go to the extra mile to deliver an excellent performance. Someone who is shy and reserved may be able to completely reinvent your entire company in the blink of an eye, and you need to remember that.

4. Being cheap

That’s a harsh term, but a serious reality for a lot of companies. When someone tells you what kind of salary they’re expecting, it’s going to be your first impulse to talk them down. The right employee may be worth exactly what they’re asking, if not more. If you’re going to talk someone down, don’t go too low. If a talented employee walks in and feels belittled by the value you’ve assigned to them, nobody is going to walk away happy.

5. Failing to consider the long term

If you have positions that need to be filled immediately, you’re probably limited to that way of thinking. While immediate needs exist, it’s not worth rushing through the process only to find yourself having to hire someone else for the same position three months later. The applicant you choose needs to be able to fulfill both the short term and long term needs of your company.

6. Intentionally withholding information

You probably don’t want to divulge too much to your applicants, but in some cases, intentionally withholding information is equivalent to lying. If you’re misrepresenting who you are, the job description, and what you offer to your employees, your biggest problem is your practices. Talented employees will be able to see through false promises, and they’re going to find a company that’s willing to treat them with the respect they deserve.

In the stressful mess of recruiting, it’s important that you take moments to slow down and process the situation. Succumbing to the chaos will only lead you to making hasty decisions that aren’t sustainable. Make sure you can fit enough time into your day to take a few deep breaths and review candidates with an open mind and unbiased eye.

With huge interest in digital marketing and branding, Monique Craig works at Oneflare. Oneflare provides the easiest way to find reliable and experienced tradesmen in Australia.