12 Sites to Find Jobs in New York City

If you are job hunting in New York City, aka NYC, then you need to maximize your search by using all available resources. The city is home to many online resources for you to get hired so here is a breakdown of 12 job sites to add to your job hunting toolbox. 

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Digital.NYC - lists over 1,500 jobs at tech startups around the city.

NewYorkJobs.com - a job site for all of NY but they have thousands of listings for Manhattan.

NYC Poached - browse restaurant jobs throughout the city on this visual food and drinks job board.

Reddit NYC Jobs - many people might be surprised to learn that Reddit has a jobs section for many cities including NYC.

NY Times - no surprise here, lots of NYC jobs as always.

NYFA - the New York Foundation of the Arts has all kinds of art related listings at places like museums and galleries.

Media Bistro - this site lists a lot of digital media and marketing roles.

Good ol' Craigslist - this 'oldie but goodie' site is still a favorite spot among employers and job seekers.

NYC.gov - find a career with the city government of NYC.

NYC dot jobs - this site with 40k + listings has jobs from direct employers.

NYC Charter Schools - want to teach? This chater school organization has teaching jobs across the city.