The New Process for Landing a Job

There are a small number of career professionals that have stood the test of time and my guest today is certainly one of those. You may know the site but you my not know its founder, Susan Joyce. Susan has been publishing job search advice for...years via

Recently she wrote a piece on Huffington Post about whats changed in the job hunt and what it takes to get a job today...she writes;

"The availability of the Internet and technology has dramatically changed recruiting today. Consequently, to be effective, the methods you use for your job search must change as well, to meet the new requirements. Contrary to popular belief, a job search today is tougher than in the past. The Internet has had a major impact on the process, in many ways that were not expected and are not understood."

Questions asked during this show (24 min):

  • When did you first launch Job Hunt?

  • What have you learned about job hunters and their behaviors since you started Job-Hunt?

  • Do you have any favorite job hunting stories from your time in this industry?

  • Why is it so imperative to be visible in today’s job market?

  • Keywords make you do job seekers leverage themselves?

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  • How do you show off your skills, knowledge and maturity online?

  • You tell job hunters to be “reachable” ...what do you mean by that?