Questions and Answers About the Background Check (podcast)

Max joined Inflection, the parent company of GoodHire, in 2012 to lead the planning and launch of the company. Since then, GoodHire has provided employment screening services for over 20,000 businesses. As Vice President, Wesman also launched GoodHire’s new True Me platform, enabling job seekers to run their own background report and see exactly what employers see.

Wesman leads a large, dedicated team engaged in all aspects of the business, from the product roadmap, to the design and development of GoodHire, to its marketing and PR efforts, as well as legal compliance and support.

Topics discussed in this podcast:

  • What does the employer legally have to do in order to run a background check?

  • How common is it to run a background check on new hires?

  • Why a Google Search isn't enough.

  • What’s in it for the job seeker? 

  • Types of crimes do employers care less/more about.

  • What do I do if there is a mistake in my background report?

  • Will the new ‘Ban the box” trend in various states increase the use of background checks since employers can no longer ask if applicants have a criminal record?

  • Any strange/interesting stories you can share about how background checks and candidates?

  • How does running my own GoodHire True Me background check help me with non-traditional jobs, like the sharing economy or on-demand economy?