Job Stories: The McIntyre Group

The McIntyre Group is one of Connecticut’s premier staffing firms. They have four Practice Groups that specifically staff for: Creative, IT, Finance & Accounting, Corporate Services all for Direct Hire and for Consulting. We asked their owner & founder, Leslie McIntyre about who they hire and what makes them different.

The company is headquartered in Norwalk, CT but services the entire North East market.  

Leslie says: “Like any smart client, we are always looking for great talent.  If we meet someone who is extraordinary we find a position for them!  McIntyre wants people who understand how to “engage.”  Being a Recruiter isn’t for the faint of heart, you have to be very tenacious and persistent but you need a lot of heart, patience and compassion!  

We are the “people” people so we want those that are natural connectors!  We always welcome people from our industry and find that when they arrive they are very surprised at our culture.”  

In addition to established recruiters do you also hire college grads and train them?

We love college graduates as they offer a fresh look at the world and are very knowledgeable with every facet of new recruiting tactics, like using social media.  We typically have limited openings for new college grads, but when hired, they start in our entry level positions as Recruiting Assistants. We offer in house training and development. All entry level hires are closely mentored by one of our senior staff members.

Why is working at The McIntyre Group different than other staffing firms?

McIntyre is a competitive yet tight knit group of people. Our culture is like no other. Where friends come together to get the job done, day in and day out. The company participates in the community, charities and has fun with inter-office activities. Click here to find out more.

What are the main skillsets that recruiters need to have to succeed at The McIntyre Group?

We look for people who strive in an entrepreneurial environment where efforts get compensated by commissions.  We want intelligent, self-aware, intuitive types that take great pride in their work and want to make a difference.  We seek natural born connectors...people who have a natural inclination to be accountable for doing great work who aren't afraid to offer superior value to clients.

How can candidates impress you in the interview?

A candidate should thoroughly research our firm and come prepared with questions.  In a world where access is literally at your fingertips, no one should be ill-prepared.  We look for candidates who are good listeners and then engage, ask great questions, and are interested and enthusiastic about working in a commission job and in the recruiting/sales industry.  

We like to see that they are competitive, energetic and natural born storytellers who can tell a story and then persuasively close themselves for a job.  A job interview is actually a sales opportunity. Candidates should arrive early, have multiple resumes and be dressed to impress.  You never know who or how many people you are going to meet.  

Always be prepared and ready for anything! Perform as if you are performing for the world.  ~Leslie McIntyre

How would your current employees describe your management style?

McIntyre is a very open and transparent environment.  The owner has an open door policy and is very invested in the culture of the firm.  We have a monthly “Mash Up” that allows all of the staff to get together with the owner to voice ideas, discuss new training ideas, events, and anything else that may be on someone’s mind.  The owner enjoys working directly with the staff to meet with people in person, help facilitate an issue, or be a sounding board for an idea that a Recruiter has.  There is no substitute for meeting with  the employees in person and everyone knows no matter what the time of day or night is she is available 24/7 for anything that they may need.

What is your core list of benefits and perks that you offer employees?

As a small business, we work very hard to make McIntyre a great place to work (an Award we have won before, by the way – Best Places to Work!).  We offer excellent health, vision, and dental benefits, and additional supplemental insurance plans such as disability, life, long term care and 401k. We make sure that these benefits are affordable to all of our staff by offering a very generous contribution.  McIntyre offers incredible perks that we review and add to each year.  Recruiters like diversity so we try to mix things up quite a bit.  We believe when compared to our competitors that we would rank the highest or close to the top of our competitors.  

We have a full on-site gym, shower & laundry facilities, a kitchen and several casual eating areas in our office.  We have offered self-defense, spin and yoga classes for our employees at no charge.  We also celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, hold cookouts, bring an ice cream truck here in the summer, and have several off-site company outings and team building events per year.  

Our employees really enjoy being together and kicking back so we appreciate the value in planning these events.  Currently we are in football mode, starting with a football season kick-off lunch coupled with a cooking contest at our facility.  Then we are in to Halloween where we have a Halloween contest, theme teams, and many other activities with prizes.  All of these experiences build a culture for our employees that they really embrace.  

In addition, we go outside our company to support the community.  Keeping us lean and mean we just sponsored a corporate team to participate in the Bigelow Tea Community Challenge (a 5K race or 2K walk).  Now we are gearing up for our annual food drive to support the CT Food Bank, as well as our other holiday charities.

What are your main hiring needs for the next year?

Currently we are focused on Recruitment and business development for 2016. Here’s how to apply and learn more about us.

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