13 Lucky Sites to Source Software Developers

We put together a handy list of 13 free sites that every recruiter can use to source and find software developers and other tech talent. We did not include Linkedin in the list for obvious reasons.

Craigslist.org - http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites

(click on city then ‘Resumes’ in lower right of page)

DevBistro - http://www.devbistro.com/resumes

The Ladders - https://recruit.theladders.com/

(just launched free mobile app to help you find people)

Indeed Resumes - http://www.indeed.com/resumes

(lets you message candidates 1x per month)

Github - use a search string like this one for (.net in Atlanta)

site:github.com "joined on"-intitle:"at master" -inurl:"tab" -inurl:"jobs." -inurl:"articles" ".net" "atlanta"

Stackoverflow - use a search string like this one for .Net in Atlanta

site:stackoverflow.com/users ".net" "atlanta" intext:"website * *(com|net|me)"-"0 reputation"

Google Plus - use a search string like this one for (.net in Atlanta)

site:plus.google.com ".net"  "lives * atlanta" " inurl:about

Angel List - https://angel.co/candidates

Twitter profiles - enter a keyword + location (city or state) and filter down to people results.

PostJobFree.com - http://www.postjobfree.com/search-resumes

ResumeBucket.com - http://www.resumebucket.com/

Jobvertise.com - http://www.jobvertise.com/resumes/search_usa

Resumark.com - http://www.resumark.com/

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