What job seekers need to know about the background check (podcast)

In the latest episode of CareerCloud Radio, we chat with Nick Fishman, VP of Marketing for EmployeeScreenIQ about what goes on in a background check. It's something every job seeker should know.

In this episode we'll discuss the following topics. And if you want to run a background check on yourself check out Transparent Me which is also mentioned in the show.

  • What are the legalities surrounding background checks? what rights does the candidate have ...
  • Does a job seeker have to give permission to have it done?
  • Can a person run a check on themselves?
  • What types of records are typically checked on a background check?
  • If you have a criminal record does that automatically rule you out of a job?
  • How do employers typically view stuff from your past that may be old or minor in nature?
  • If you have something in your past is it better to let the employer know up front before you ever get to a BG check?
  • what about someone who isnt from the USA
  • Any other interesting  stories from employers over the years ?