Using Social Media to Attract Potential Employers

Using Social Media to Attract Potential Employers

Gone are the days of posting your resume on, handing it out to several recruiters and sitting back to wait for something to “pop.” Your competition is getting noticed, making connections, and impressing people. Social media is the new career tool that gets you noticed.

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CareerCloud Introduces to Search Jobs on Twitter

Search, Share and Save Jobs on Twitter with Jobcritters

What if Twitter had a job board? That’s the question the founder of set out to answer 6 months ago when he and his developer sat down to plan the new job search engine.

Every day thousands of jobs are posted to the Twitter stream, and many job seekers are missing out on the opportunity to connect directly with recruiters  who use the platform to promote their jobs.

Companies of all sizes from small businesses to the fortune 500 are now incorporating twitter into their recruitment strategy, and are finding success with it. By posting positions and engaging with job seekers, Twitter has become a real-time job search tool, perfect for connecting employer & candidate.

Until now no tool has really existed that helps people easily search, share, and save  job postings on Twitter. The process was complicated, requiring many different phrases, with no good way to filter out fake accounts, and if you didn’t query the right terms you might miss out on a hot job lead.

Well, the team that brought you CareerCloud has created a solution to this problem.

Allow us introduce you to - the best way to search, share and save jobs on Twitter.

For Job Seekers the site offers the opportunity to:

  • Search the newest job tweets from the past week only. Every job lead is fresh!

  • Save all job searches and easily follow new job publishers.

  • Create a skills based ‘Twesume’ which combines your twitter account with your resume.

For Job Publishers (employers, recruiters, job boards) the site offers the opportunity to:

  • Drive more traffic to your jobs posted on twitter.

  • Increase your twitter followers through a keyword based profile so more job seekers can discover you.

  • Search and save candidates through our premium search engine.

  • Post sponsored job tweets with awesome visual hiring images to stand out in job search results.

Jobcritters is more like a job search engine than a traditional job board. It uses an algorithm to flag jobs already being posted and allows job publishers to also post visual job tweets on top of those organic results. Job seekers can then sift through those job tweets to find the jobs that interest them.

We’re proud to launch another social job search tool that helps connect candidates with recruiters and job boards”, says founder Chris Russell. “It’s time we start leveraging twitter for more than just news and marketing.

Jobcritters is free for job seekers and job publishers. Job publishers can upgrade to a premium account with more features for just $20 per month. All users must have a twitter account to join.

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