5 Ways to Prep for the Interview

5 Ways to Prep for the Interview

One of the most important aspects of the job hunting process is interview prep. Without proper preparation for an interview, job hunters significantly reduce their chances of making a great first impression and landing a job. Taking the time to thoroughly research the company you will be interviewing with is the key to interview prep.  Here are 5 research tips that will help you effectively prepare for an interview and increase your likelihood of putting an end to your job search.

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InstaJob: the origins and the interview with Chris Russell (audio)

InstaJob founder Chris Russell was recently interviewed on the MREC (mobile recruiting) show with Michael Marlatt and Kay Kelison. In this 30 minute interview he details the origins of the popular app and talks about the visualization of social recruiting.

If you'd like to embed the show on your site the show page located here has a handy iframe code to grab.

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