43,823 Job Leads Ripped from the Headlines this Week

43,823 Job Leads Ripped from the Headlines this Week

Every day in the US and Canada, employers are making new announcements about their plans to hire. We at CareerCloud track these job leads in a state by state database so you can keep up with this important hiring news. Instead of job hunting, company hunt for places you'd like to work at that are growing and offer more job security.

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Top States for Hidden Jobs in 2016

Top States for Hidden Jobs in 2016

Each year around this time we publish our top ten list of states that have made the most job announcements. These "hidden jobs" are news stories about companies who are planning to hire in the coming months or year. They could be opening a new plant or store, adding to its existing facilities or even seasonal job announcements. Leading the way for 2016 is the state of FLORIDA which has recorded 142k job announcements that have been uncovered by our researchers. 

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CareerCloud Launches Premium Job Leads to Help Employers Publicize their Upcoming Hiring Needs

CareerCloud LLC has launched a new tool to help employers spread the word on the jobs they will soon need to fill. The product is a smartly designed online job flyer called “Premium Job Leads”. It lets employers create a social and mobile friendly hiring announcement that is designed to drive qualified traffic to their career site.

Employers simply fill out a short form that describes how many jobs they need to fill, a reason why they’re hiring along with location(s) and tags (keywords). The result is an ad like this;


Once purchased, this “Job Lead” gets posted to CareerCloud’s Hidden Jobs database located at http://jobs.careercloud.com/ which gets thousands of visitors each month. The job leads are also distributed throughout the CareerCloud ecosystem including;

  • The Hidden Jobs Mobile App: this handy companion app for iOS has been downloaded over 1,000 times and lets job seekers get alerts on their phone for the state they live in. (download)

  • Email Distribution: each state page on jobs.careercloud.com has free email alerts that job seekers can sign up for. New job leads are distributed each morning at 7am.

  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter: read by over 3,000 subscribers we will publish the 10 latest job leads that get posted.

  • Social Media: each new job lead will be automatically tweeted to our @career_cloud account (currently over 1200 followers) and our Facebook page for maximum exposure.

The cost of each Premium Job Lead is $30. Companies can choose to list up to 3 locations per lead. The ad goes live immediately upon submission and stays there for 90 days. The only requirement is that you post a job lead with at least 5 or more openings. For more information on the product please visit: http://jobs.careercloud.com/about/

To post your Premium Job Leads go to: http://jobs.careercloud.com/post/ or click the Post Your Job Lead button from the homepage. Payments are made via credit card only.

“We’re excited to offer this new product to help companies announce their hiring needs and help drive applicants to their career pages”, says CareerCloud CEO Chris Russell. “It’s not just another job posting. It’s a unique and memorable way to market all your jobs at once”.


About Hidden Jobs

CareerCloud’s Hidden Jobs iOS app and website originally launched in 2011 under the domain HiddenJobsapp.com. It was designed to organize the many hiring announcements being written by newspapers, blogs and press release sites so that job seekers could learn about jobs that would soon be coming.

In 2013, CareerCloud integrated the site and iOS app into its product suite and pointed the old domain to jobs.careercloud.com which is the new permanent home. Now employers can post directly to Hidden Jobs and tell the world how many jobs they need to fill and why they’re hiring. 

For job seekers the advantages are obvious. They can get ahead of the job search competition. It lets them ‘company hunt’ by discovering companies in their area who are growing right now.


Our annual List of Top 10 States for Hidden Jobs

Hidden Jobs App (formerly located at hiddenjobsapp.com) has been tracking new hiring initiatives since the spring of 2011. Each year we put together a list of the top states with the most job leads. This year’s race saw California take the top spot. They had the most job leads in the past 90 days. Last year’s leader, Texas, dropped to 5th. The Midwest had two states in the top 10 via Pennsylvania and Ohio. While California and Arizona represented western states. The South had the most states (6) in the leader board.


1. California 14,040 job leads (view)

2. Ohio 8,039 job leads (view)

3. Tennessee 7,497  job leads (view)

4. Florida 6,883 job leads (view)

5. Texas 6,889 job leads (view)

6. Arizona 6,364 job leads (view)

7. Georgia 4,888 job leads (view)

8. North Carolina 4,315 job leads (view)

9. Pennsylvania 4,292 job leads (view)

10. Virginia 3,362 job leads (view)

Job numbers as of November 25th, 2013

Full press release can be read here.