Say Thanks Even If You Don't Get the Job

Part of being a good job seeker is having good manners. Saying thank you after your initial interaction with employers is part of what you should be doing. Recently I was introduced to an entrepreneur named Ryan Lee. After subscribing to his newsletter he sent out the following message which I thought was a good lesson to share.

Every job seeker can learn from this story.

Since I announced this (my job opening) about two weeks ago, we been flooded with hundreds of applications. 

But because each person had to write a letter AND record a short video, I want to give each application a lot of thought. I wanted to be respectful and not just dismiss people quickly. It's taking me a lot of time.

Printing out the letters. Watching the videos multiple times. And
taking the time to reply to each person (I still have about 100 to go.. so if you applied and didn't hear back from me yet - please be patient). 

Because it's so competitive and I don't want to waste anyones time, I've been letting applicants know if they made it to the next round (and if they didn't make it).

Here's here's what's surprising. 

About half of the people who I said didn't make it to the next round didn't even give me a reply back. Nothing. Silence. Not even a "thank you for your time".

I have to admit.. I'm really surprised.

If I applied for a job. Or to speak at an event. Or anything that required an application and was turned down - I'd immediately thank them for their time and let them know I'm there for ANYTHING they need.

One thing is for sure - they'd never forget me. Not a chance.

When I was an intern at the Children's Hospital the summer between my Junior and Senior year in college - I worked hard and stayed in constant touch with the director and assistant directors. And right after
the summer ended and I went back to school - a job in the department
opened up.

But it was to run the adapted aquatics program. And even though I was a terrible swimmer.. I trained, learned everything I could about adapted aquatics, passed a lifeguard certification (barely!) - and because they saw my determination.. they held the job for me an entire year.

So I had a job waiting for me while I finished my last year of school. At the hospital, they knew I'd run through a wall to get that job. And even if I didn't get it, they'd remember me.

My friends in college would say things like, "wow, you're so lucky Ryan.. you don't have to worry about resumes - you already have a job waiting for you".

Lucky? Are you kidding me?

Did you see me almost drown the pool while treading water while holding a 15 pound brick over my head? Did you see how much timeI put in at that hospital last summer.. for free? Did you see how many hours I stayed late when everyone else had already gone home? 

Good timing? Yes. 

Luck? No.

And years later at the hospital, a new Doctor started a sports medicine center. I wanted to work with him - and because I didn't have a master's degree.. I went to night school and got an M.S. in Exercise Physiology. It took me 3 years and working about 18 hours a day.. but I did it. 

Why? Because I wanted to create a new position for myself.

Talk is cheap. 

You can say you're going to do something. You can say you really
want something. 

But what you actually DO is all that matters. Words are meaningless.

I don't know.. maybe I expect too much from people. 

Maybe I expect everyone to have the same drive as me. 

But I'll tell you this with 100% certainty. 

Nothing in this world is just given to you. Nada.

And if you want 2017 to truly be your best year ever. To be your "fresh start".. then you must give it everything you've got.


If you wanted to work with me (or anyone) then show us how much
passion you've got. Don't take no for an answer. 

If you want to start your own business, then show the world you're
here to make an impact - and PROVE it with your actions.

It's time to leave it all out on the field this year. The clock is ticking.

You got this.

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