The Best Ways for Recruiters to Connect with International Candidates

Applying for jobs can be a lengthy business for candidates, and recruiters share the same pain as finding and getting in touch with international candidates can be even more lengthy. Thankfully the modern era though has made communication the easy part of connecting with potential applicants.

Recruiters are now able to find possible candidates and get in touch with them no matter where they are in the world as e-mailing, Skyping and international conference calls to Thailand can be done so cheaply now.

Keeping With Traditions

Calling prospective candidates is the most traditional form of communication recruiter’s use it is also the easiest and most efficient method. This traditional and quick method is still just as easy even if the candidates live anywhere in the world. Technology has made calling international prospective candidates even easier and virtually almost cost free. With thanks to modern technology recruiters can now make cheap conference calls to anywhere in the world. These calls can be made from landlines or even mobiles so recruiters can stay in complete contact with their prospective candidates no matter where they are.

Virtual Presence/Social Media

The modern era has opened so many new forms of how people can communicate even if they’re half way round the world from each other. Recruiters often rely on career sites to find possible candidates. These career sites allow recruiters to get in touch with possible candidates internationally almost instantly through calls and e-mails. On the the biggest sites to find international candidates is Xing, its the 'Linkedin of Europe'.

Most recruiters have a virtual presence so possible candidates can just as easily get in contact with them too as well as check out any networking events that might be taking place within their area. Its easy to DM someone on Twitter, tweet to them or friend them on Facebook.

Networking Events

Although modern technology has made it so much easier to get in contact with candidates, recruiters still pursue face to face networking as well as online networking. Job fairs, conferences, and other networking events are still an essential part where all recruiters and candidates can make possible connections. After all networking events recruiters will still follow up connections they have made through calls and e-mails.

If you’re looking for a job it is crucial to make connections through networking as 80 per cent of open positions are never even advertised. Virtual career fairs are also growing in popularity, especially among global corporations as they seek to recruit overseas.

Keeping In Contact

Whether a great candidate is international or local, it's essential for all recruiters to maintain a dialogue. Video conferences and e-mails are just a few traditional ways recruiters can keep in contact with candidates. Many companies now require applicants to record some sort of video cover letter which help to shorten the distance gap with candidates who live thousands of miles away.

Video communication tools like Skype, Hangouts and Facetime enable recruiters to contact their international candidates instantly as well as being virtually free. It also helps that this form of communication can happen on different devices from our smartphones to our laptops.

What's Next?

Some suggest Virtual Reality (VR) could be the next generation of recruiting. Imagine conducting an interview in a VR situation where the interviewer and interviewee can interact with each other. It's probably going to happen!