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Here's a sample of recent news about CareerCloud. We're rockin' it!

EmployeeScreenIQ and CareerCloud Announce Strategic Marketing Partnership

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Hidden Jobs app named a top 7 job search tool

Full Article covers the launch of our newest social job search tool, Jobcritters

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InstaJob named "one of the best apps for recruiters"

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InstaJob: the origins and the interview with Chris Russell (audio)

InstaJob founder Chris Russell was recently interviewed on the MREC (mobile recruiting) show with Michael Marlatt and Kay Kelison. In this 30 minute interview he details the origins of the popular app and talks about the visualization of social recruiting.

If you'd like to embed the show on your site the show page located here has a handy iframe code to grab.

Want the app? Get InstaJob here.

CareerCloud in the news

We'd like to thank PCMag, Cheryl Simpson from Executive Resume Rescue and Great Resumes Fast for writing about us recently. Here's the links so you can check them out.

PCMAG wrote a list of best job search tools and included our Hidden Jobs App.

Executive Resumes also mentioned us as one of their 35 best tools for job seekers.

Great Resumes Fast also wrote about us and just lavished us with praise! (thank you)

A social resume, jobs with friends, and hidden jobs are three different ways you can use—and it will shake the foundation of your job search and how effectively you do it. Seriously, get on there and make something spectacular happen in your job search in 2014. I could gush forever about this site, but I’ll stop now. Suffice to say, you need to see it for yourself. And by the way, I am in no way, shape, or form compensated for sharing this site. I just love it that much. Go there … today.