The Best Part-time Jobs for Retirees

Some retirees are looking for a part-time job just to keep busy, while others are looking to add some income to keep pay extra bills. Whatever the reason is, there are many options today to look into, arguably more than ever. The same options in physical retail stores still exist that did back in the day, but now there are ways to work remotely online and other new services, like Uber, Lyft, and Postmates.

Why are People Working After Retirement


There are a lot of retired people who would like to continue to build their bank account while delaying tapping into savings assets. At this age, when you’ve been saving for so long, it's not a normal feeling to see your bank account go in reverse. Psychologically, it can be a challenge for many people.

When you factor in rising healthcare costs, pension reductions, cost of living expenses, and increased longevity, there more than enough reasons why a retired person might go back to work part-time. Planning doesn’t always account for everything.


Whatever the reason is, many people want to engage with society by having a feeling of contributing and self-satisfaction. Working part-time in retirement can be a very enriching experience. Keeping involved and engaged is what is helps to optimize your potential. It also keeps your mind active and engaged.

There was a time when retirement meant leisuring around and resting. Many people would withdraw from their occupation, business, or office to stop working completely. However, the current generation of retirees is redefining what it means to be retired, both out of necessity and choice. Surveys are reporting that 60-90% of retirees will work after their retirements. Finding something that is fun and meaningful can be key to enjoying the later years of your life.

Some of the Best Part-time Jobs for Retirees to Consider

The best part of retiring is being able to choose to do things you love to do. There are a lot of different types of part-time work out there. Ultimately, the best choice for you comes down to how much you want to earn, if you want flexibility, and the resources you have to work with. The good news is that there really are a lot of options out there today.

Uber and Lyft

If you have a car today, you have a means to make an income and work whenever you want. Uber and Lyft are always looking to hire more drivers and these are both perfect for part-time retirees. About 23% of people who driver for Uber are 50 and up. Uber continues to look for older drivers, as they have partnered with AARP and other companies. Lyft is Uber’s main competitor and many drivers are finding it even more driver-friendly than Uber in terms of earning potential. One senior driver noted that he targets $30 per hour with Lyft and makes $150 per day driving part-time.

Fitness Instructor

If you enjoy going to the gym and fitness related activities, you’d probably like helping others achieve their fitness goals. You can get certified to teach spin class, for example. It just takes a full day to make it happen. Many retired people teach different classes and most certifications are easy to obtain. Time commitment is limited to an hour or so for each class you teach, so it is a very easy part-time position to go into. The pay is pretty good too, ranging from $25 to $75 per class, depending on the gym you teach at.


There are more than 30% of retail stores looking to hire retired people. Retirees have flexible schedules and they are able to pick up shifts that others are not. The areas of interest are endless. I would recommend finding a brand or product that you use yourself or believe in because it can make working there all the better. Whether you are a coffee lover, or have a particular clothing store you love, you should be able to find a place to work that is fun and gives you a little extra cash. On the downside, the wages may not be that significant, but $10-12 an hour is better than nothing.

Personal and Home Health Care

More and more people are using home health care providers to care for their loved ones. Hours are very flexible and it’s a very rewarding job to do. The list of duties are varied from cooking a meal, cleaning up, providing some needed companionship, or running errands for clients. If you have a soft spot for the elderly, this could be a great fit for you. The pay will depend on the client, type of work, and income of the person or family you are caring for.


If you have ever been a parent, you would know just how valuable a good childcare provider is. A retiree would be a great resource for any parent to have. The years of experience, patience, and wisdom that could be shared is invaluable. Whether you are available a few hours a day or one to two days a week, you would be in high demand. Many younger parents today are struggling to find trusted, reliable childcare help, and there can be high turnover with younger people. The pay can range between $15-30 an hour or higher depending on your duties, experience, and the family.

Personal Assistant

Helping a busy person with their daily tasks can be very rewarding. Formal training is not usually needed or required, but being a taskmaster will certainly help. All of the duties we’ve done most of our lives are the things that busy people need assistance with. Running errands, scheduling appointments, and handling tasks can make someone’s life a whole lot easier. If you do some looking, you will find someone who fits well with you and appreciates what you can do to help them. The pay can be negotiable depending on the amount of duties that are expected.

Tour Guides

This is a time in your life for you to share your knowledge, interest, and passion that you have. If you have an area of interest and want to share your knowledge, it can be a lot of fun. Wineries, museums, historical sites, breweries, local attractions, and factories all offer tour guide positions. The pay is hourly and it can range anywhere from $15-25 an hour.

Temporary Jobs

Many agencies are looking for reliable, dependable people with a variety of skill sets. Whether you work in a field that you are experienced in or take on some new challenges, being a temp may be just what you’re looking for. The job has a lot of flexibility, but the expectations are usually set up front. It may be for a day or someone may need you for a month. If you get good reviews from your employers, you will be in high demand for more positions. This is a quick easy way to jump part-time into the workforce, especially if your previous experience is applicable. The pay varies depending on the position, industry, and length of the contract.


Parents are always looking for tutors to help their children out in areas that they are struggling in. If you have a teaching background, or if you are just naturally good at certain subjects, this could be a great part-time opportunity. Usually you can set your own hours and work after school or an evening or two.

Tennis Instructor

Tennis instruction is another great option for retirees. It takes a little more time to become certified, but it is totally doable if you have some skills to begin with. You could do group lessons or private lessons, and the pay is usually around $70 to $95 an hour. Many instructors utilize public courts or work at clubs, depending on what your area has to offer. Some instructors work part-time for the school districts helping kids in the tennis programs.

Fixing Things

If you are the kind of person who can fix anything, you have a skill set that is in high demand. There’s nothing better than being able to call one person to take care of multiple tasks. A few rotted boards on a deck, a leaky faucet, hanging a light fixture, or something breaks that you can’t seem to find anyone to fix, then you’re the person they call. Many retired people have these skills and have no idea how invaluable they are. If you are able to fix things and do it in a timely and skilful way, you will have trouble staying part-time. To take advantage of your skills, you can sign up for an app, like TaskRabbit that will help connect you to people looking to pay for help with projects.

Freedom of Choice

Whatever your reason is for returning part-time to the workforce, make it fun. One of the rewards for all your years of effort is to have the gift of choice. There’s a very different feeling in doing something that you want to do as opposed to doing something that you have to do. This is the time to choose what you want to do and enjoy your retirement.