The Best Jobs for Introverts

Before I get to the best jobs for introverts, it is important that we have a better understanding of how this title affects your employability and debunk some of the assumptions that are out there with some facts.

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The introvert relies mostly on themselves staying in an environment that rids themselves of any anxiety or negative thoughts so that they can welcome any ideas that may flow to them without forcing anything. The extrovert on the other hand uses other individuals to bounce their ideas off until a line of thought sticks and then they go in that direction. Both methods are proven to be valuable ways of producing creative results. Neither way is right or wrong and it’s important to know that 50% of the world is made up of introverts, Warren Buffett being one of them.

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Extroverts Are Not Necessarily Better Than Introverts for Jobs

It seems to be widely agreed that extroverts are more preferred in the workforce, but pay attention introverts, what really is proven to boost creativity in the workforce is openness to ideas. Research conducted by Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University compared the short-term effectiveness of the two ways that introverts and extroverts cultivate their ideas. What they found was that each was equally effective and each personality type was using the one that worked best for them. So what this means simply is that being open to ideas and in a state of curiosity, a trait any of us can adopt, is what really matters most not whether you are an introvert or extrovert. The key component to being the best at your work is knowing yourself and how you work best.

If you are an introvert you gain your mental energy by being quieter and less stimulated by environment. Extroverts are the opposite. Introverts are completely capable of being very engaging at parties and other intense interactions. The only difference in them is that they will need an equal amount of alone time to rebalance after doing so. Although I am about to give you a list of jobs that are supposed to be best suited for introverts, I will tell you I do so with some reservation. It has been proven that introverts have excelled in many areas that they were thought not to. From car salespersons to lawyers they brought a comfortable quiet experience to those that dealt with them that was preferred to other encounters with more aggressive approaches. It seems that introverts are much more accepting of other people's beliefs and opinions, which can be very refreshing.

So let’s get to that list of jobs that provides a less stimulated environment so you can have your highest mental focus. Keep in mind however that if you are an introvert there is no job that you can’t do well provided you get enough time alone to recharge.

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Some of the Best Jobs for Introverts


Being a Paralegal is the perfect position for an introvert. It puts you in a prime position to shine while working on individual projects. You’ll need to be a self starter who can work individually. The position will involve going through large amounts of documents looking for specific information to support the cases that you are working on. The average salary is $62,000.00.


There are so many ways to make a living these days writing. Whether you start your own blog or you write independently the opportunities are unlimited. There is a book written by Susan Cain on introversion called Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World That Won’t Stop Talking. Her TED talk was very popular and she is found everywhere in the media selling her books. It’s impossible to put a number to the salaries that can be made from writing because they vary greatly. You can go the freelance route, or find a specific niche withing a company as a technical writer.

Park Rangers

Park Rangers do a variety of jobs from patrolling trails to teaching history. They enforce the law and make sure the park rules are followed. They are also called upon to find lost children, rescue injured hikers, or give first aid. The day-to-day involves being outdoors and around nature, which is preferred by many introverted people. The average salary is about $37,000.00.

Financial Analyst

Introverts make great analysts, they are smart, reliable, and not particularly interested in networking or meeting lots of new people. There will be some interaction with a team and maybe a few company gatherings. But you will likely spend more time working with numbers and data than interacting. The average salary is about $80,000.00.


This is a perfect job for the shy introvert who has an interest in the world beyond ours. There is so much not known and so much to discover. You could be employed by a University, the Federal Government, or NASA, the U.S. Dept. of Defense. The downside is you’ll need a Ph.D. in astronomy and a good head for math. The average salary is $106,000.00.

Political Scientist

If you are interested in politics, love research and testing theories, this could be just the job for you. You will be required to know the day to day operation of governments, analyze decision-making, study public opinion and how it is swayed, and may even be asked to advise political candidates. The average salary is $ 102,000.00.

Commercial Pilot

This is a great job if you enjoy travel and you only need interact with a few amount of people on a daily basis. You will need to go through some rigorous training but once you are done you can expect great benefits, quick career advancement, and many other perks. You may have to speak to the passengers and your co-pilot, but that's as far as your "people skills" will need to go. The average salary is $114,000.00

Elevator Installer

This is a great job if you have a mechanical nature and it is much as it sounds. You would be responsible for assembling, installing, maintaining, and repairing hydraulic freight or passenger elevators. Much of you time will be spend on repairing machinery and equipment. Normally this type of work is learned on the job. If you have good knowledge of electronics and electronic components, this could be a good career choice for you. The average salary is $76,000.00

Social Media Manager/Coordinator

As an introvert, it is important to engage while your energy levels are up. So if you choose this occupation it is best to hit the blog, Facebook, and Twitter first thing in the morning before your energy stores are tapped out. Your duties will be to create and maintain social media accounts for companies they represent. While it’s externally facing, an introvert can bring new perspective on how to reach people who are similar and engage them. The average salary is $54,000.00.

These are just a few careers that are well suited to introverts, but don’t rule out other career opportunities balancing them with enough quiet time. Some other popular introvert careers in the tech industry are programmers, developers, and data analysts. I'd recommend checking these out if your technical skills align. You can get started by looking for jobs now.

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