Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

If you’re an employer or a recruiter, the last thing you want to do is waste your time and money posting jobs that will yield you a bunch of low-quality candidates. We recommend trying because they're the biggest job search engine on the internet. It's also free to post a job and you know you'll reach a wide audience as well as the right job seekers searching for your position.

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If you're hiring for a technology position, defiitely check out because it's the go-to place to find tech talent.

The best job posting sites will allow you to target specifically what you’re looking for, quickly screen candidates, and not get overloaded with low-quality applicants or spam. To find the best job sites, we interviewed employers and recruiters all with 5-10 years or more of experience in the industry, to get their feedback. After that, we tested every site ourselves to get a true feel for the experience.

Each company has different needs so we have a variety of top picks highlighted below so you can find the best for you. Ultimately, it depends on the position you're hiring for, your location, and how many candidates you want to screen.

Our Top Picks for Best Job Posting Sites

A Deeper Look at the Best Job Sites for Finding Talent


Get started with Indeed now! is one of the top places to post your open positions online because of the reach. No job site gets more visitors and no site makes it as easy as to search for open positions. Basic job postings are free and will allow you to be found in search results, receive mobile applications, and manage your candidates. It’s free, so that’s good, but your job is going to end up in a massive pool with every other free job posting on

Luckily, you have a few other options to make your jobs stand out, including sponsoring your job posting and working with Indeed directly to design a hiring campaign. For a minimum of $5 per day, you can sponsor a job, which means your posting will show up above the free listings in sponsored search results. You also only have to pay when someone clicks on your job (PPC). Sponsored postings are very flexible, and you can change your budget whenever you want or just cancel anytime.

When you consider your options and hiring budget, Indeed should be on your list. You can control you spend and it’s pay for performance so that eliminates worries of wasting money. Indeed is also known for integrating smoothly with many applicant tracking systems so it works seamlessly with hiring processes. For bigger employers, there are options to become a featured employer and create a company page. The featured employer works well if you have several jobs to post and sponsor to attract more candidates to your postings.

Find talent on


Get started with Snagajob! With Snagajob, you can get your job in front of 70 million job seekers or 1.5 million new job seekers each month. Snagajob works differently than a lot of the other job posting sites because the site focuses on hiring hourly workers and it’s subscription-based (they charge a monthly fee, but offer a lot in return). Pricing starts at $89 per month, and includes a job slot, applicant tracking, and email boosts. We’d recommend going with the next level up at $99 per month because it includes personality assessments for candidates and also posts to other job boards. The most premium package costs $249 per month and comes with three job slots and more features. Snagajob really takes the headache out of hiring with the extra features. Job board distribution sends your job posting to over 10 job boards to boost visibility of your position. The robust applicant tracking feature makes it easy to look back on candidates you’ve reviewed and declined. The terms are month-to-month so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a contract and you have the flexibility to change the job posting within in your allotted job slot. Lastly, Snagajob accounts all come with Snagashift (at no extra cost). This software helps you assign shifts to employees, schedule more effectively, and communicate with the team. Start finding candidates with Snagajob.


LinkedIn is a high-quality (and highly-priced) place to post an open position online. It’ll cost you $195 for a 30-day posting or you can save some money by purchasing five job credits for $145 per job or 10 job credits at $115 per job. Let’s get the negatives out of the way: It’s expensive and your job posting expires. It’s open for debate, but Linkedin probably offers the single best talent pool of any “job site” (even though it’s more of a social media site for professionals). The major benefit of LinkedIn over another job site is that you can capture the interest of prospective candidates may not be looking for a job. LinkedIn also offers job slots in addition to job posts so you can swap your jobs at anytime.

On top of all that, there’s another (even more premium) option that LinkedIn offers called LinkedIn Recruiter. There are two versions: Recruiter and Recruiter Lite. Recruiter gives you access to everyone on LinkedIn and is best used for companies that are continuously hiring and want to manage several job slots, collaborate, and use folder to organize candidates. Recruiter Lite allows you to search, filter, and contact candidates with InMail. The difference in price is quite dramatic with Recruiter Lite costing $199.99 per month on an annual plan and Recruiter costing $749.99 per month on an annual plan. To sum it up, LinkedIn offers a variety of solutions and has a unique position because it offers a channel for employers and recruiters to reach candidates who may not be looking. It’s not going to be cheap for a job posting so just be sure you’re ready to move forward with hiring before committing. If you’re a larger organization with constant hiring needs, it probably makes sense to invest in one of the Recruiter packages, especially if you have an in-house recruiter on your team.


Glassdoor is known for employer reviews and salary information, but you can also use it to post jobs and find candidates. In fact, many recruiters we talked to say Glassdoor is one of the best free options and right behind LinkedIn when it comes to quality of candidates. There are also several paid posting options that you can take advantage of by increasing your the visibility of your posting. Glassdoor offers custom solutions for employers with features like building an enhanced company profile, job slots, and display advertising. What makes Glassdoor unique is that job postings are connected to an employer profile, so job seekers have the ability to learn about the company when applying. While it seems like a minor detail, it’s actually very beneficial because candidates aren’t blindly applying without knowing anything about the company. Glassdoor also attracts actively searching, but not desperate, candidates because many of them are researching information about companies and not just looking for any kind of job. Glassdoor is also about half the cost of LinkedIn, so keep that in mind if you’re choosing between the two.


Jobs2Careers brings an interesting angle to hiring for employers and recruiters. Posting a job is completely free, but you pay only when someone applies to your job. There is no contract so that means you can start and stop at anytime. What you do is name your price per application you want to pay (within reason), work with Jobs2Careers to agree to a realistic price, and then they’ll market the job posting for you. Jobs2Careers has 20 million registered users and many companies are really happy with the candidates coming from the site. Keep in mind, the site is an aggregator, similar to Indeed and others so it’s going to pull jobs from all over. The only issue is that you have to contact them directly to figure out any sort of price range. There’s not a ton of up front information for employers to make a decision with, but it’s still worth checking out Jobs2Careers because they’ve been one of the fastest growing websites for job seekers in the past five years.


ZipRecruiter is growing fast because it's a service that gets your job postings on more than 100 job boards and social network sites. Your jobs are distributed through the ZipRecruiter feed to their partners so there's no doubt it will be in front of millions of people. One cool feature is that they make it easy to try for free. You can select any plan to get started, but you'll have to enter your credit card info and cancel before four days if you don't want to be charged. Even if you do cancel, ZipRecruiter lets you keep any applicants you had in the first few days, which is a nice touch.

Keep in mind that you'll want to have more than one hiring need if you go with ZipRecruiter. There are three job posting packages to choose from, all of which have a free trial, and all will charge you a monthly fee. The service starts at $59 per month for the Starter package and includes three active job slots. The next level up is the Team package, which comes with 10 active job slots. From there, you can customize if you want to go up to the Enterprise package.

Other Options to Consider

CareerBuilder - Large database of job seekers looking for full-time employment. You'll likely get a high volume of applicants and will requrie a lot of screening time. That's a good thing or a bad thing depending on the position you're hiring for.

College Job Boards - If you're looking for younger talent, one of the best places to post a job is on a college job board. We've seen a lot of success finding hungry applicants for entry-level positions that offer upside for learning and development for college students.

Craigslist - Yes, you'll get some spam and you might also get some low-quality candidates. But that all depends on the type of job you're posting. If you're looking for writers and editors, you might see some great success here. Craigslist is also good for hiring remote workers