4 Keys to Freelancing: What You Need to Succeed on Your Own

Those who dream about setting their own hours, working from home or just being their own boss may want to go into freelancing. However, being a freelancer is not always glamorous. You are responsible for finding clients, securing payment for services rendered and responsible for insurance and taxes. Here are some tips to help aspiring freelancers succeed in the self-employment game:

Treat Your Freelance Activities Like a Real Job

Just because you set your own hours doesn't give you the right to slack off all day. It also shouldn't be an excuse to watch a movie or go to the beach on a Monday morning or a Thursday afternoon. Instead, you should keep regular hours during which you are off-limits to your friends and family. This will ensure that you get work done and can make enough money to pay your bills.

Connect with Other Freelancers

In the business world, you succeed partially based of who you know. This is true in the freelance world as well—probably even more so, in fact. By growing and maintaining relationships with other freelancers, you increase your odds of finding work. In some cases, you may be able to partner with other self-employed professionals on creative projects or offer your services as a consultant to those who need your expertise.

Know How to Market Yourself

When you approach a client, you should exude confidence and the belief that you can help that client solve a problem. Even if you have never written for a magazine before or have never closed a sale before, you won't get anywhere on your own if you aren't confident in your abilities. Remember, a prospective client doesn't necessarily know or care about your prior success. Instead, that person or business only cares that you can meet their needs at a reasonable price.

Have a Dedicated Space to Work From

Ideally, you will want to lease an office space, such as one as one from Hartman Income REIT, as this looks more professional to customers or clients. It also helps to separate your work life from your personal life—which can be very distracting if you have needy pets or children who need your constant attention. Of course, many freelancers do work from home, but you’ll still want to make sure that it is a space that you’d feel comfortable bringing clients into if that were ever necessary.

Being a freelance author, consultant or graphic designer can provide you with more control over your career. However, you have to be focused, dedicated and passionate about what you do if you hope to succeed on your own. You will also need to be able to market yourself as well as provide quality customer service at all times.

Author: Hannah Whittenly