My Farewell Podcast

Today I have a big announcement. As I indicated in my open this will be my last podcast for CareerCloud -- I have sold the site and its assets to a new owner who will be taking over and building on what I started nearly 5 years ago.

After more than 100 episodes this will be my last official podcast for CareerCloud.

Over the past few years, I have talked with dozens of career coaches, resume writers job seekers, recruiters and other professionals who have taught me and you the audience a lot about how the job search works and how to get head.

I’m very proud of these episodes and am glad the new owner will be continuing the show. The job search is ever changing and you will always need to stay on top of how to hunt for your next role. The advice in these episodes will live on and I consider them them of my greatest career achievements….with nearly 6 million downloads.

As for the website...There will be a few changes to that I need to note;

The job board and job leads section will be going away so the new owner can focus on the podcast and writing great articles.

As for the tools section they have agreed to let me keep that data and I’ll be moving it over to another job site.

The new owner of CareerCloud is based in Seattle and will reveal himself over time. He is still analyzing the site and finalizing his plans so give him some time to get things up and running. He is looking for guest posts and you can contact him through the contact page or by emailing

It has been a pleasure teaching you about job hunting and I hope that you continue to listen and read the advice from CareerCloud. I won’t be going away totally, rather I’ll be doing more writing about recruiting topics on sites like and focusing on my HR tech consulting business. You can still find me on Twitter or Linkedin posting and commenting interesting stories related to the job hunt.

My last piece of advice is this; ...never stop learning. If you keep educating yourself, if you keep being curious, if you keep striving to be good at your will always be in demand.

So, ABL...always be learning my friends.

For now I bid you farewell. Thanks for listening...