Job Relocation Tips for Moving to a New State

Trying to land a job in a new state adds a whole new level of difficulty to an already complicated process. Many people are unsure of how they can begin making contacts or what they will need to do if they are called in for an interview. While hunting for jobs in a different state can be challenging, it is not impossible with the proper planning. Here's a few tips to get your relocation off to a good start.

Don't Lie to Recruiters

Many candidates are tempted to lie about their current location, but that will almost always result in serious issues down the road. Anyone who has had no luck with their job hunt for a while might want to consider omitting their current address, but you should never claim that you are already living in that city. As an alternative, you can try to show the recruiter that you are so passionate about the position that you are willing to completely change your life around.

Start Joining Local Business Groups

During this process, you will need to scour the internet for information on out-of-state jobs. Sites such as Meetup have huge local groups for most cities throughout the country. Once you have been able to connect with a few people through those avenues, you can then network with them just as if they were a local company. That type of motivation is very appealing to business owners and HR representatives.

Get Your Foot in the Door

It becomes much more important to get your foot in the door when you are trying to start a career in a different state. The company might not be willing to risk a management position on someone who has never been to the city or even lived in that particular state. As long as you are confident in your own skills and abilities, however, it might be worth it to make a small sacrifice so that you can start working for the company as soon as possible.

Company Hunt

Research the local job market you want to work in. Build a list of target companies and begin to reach out to their employees via sites like Linkedin. See if you can find someone willing to refer your resume to someone in HR. Try and target growing companies who are hiring multiple people which will give you a better chance.

Take the Plunge

At some point, you might begin to realize that you just need to take the plunge and move before you find a job. If you have enough money saved up to quit your old job and move, then that could be your best option. For some people, the thrill of moving to a new city will give them a new sense of purpose as they continue to hunt for the job of their dreams. Just pack up your things in a Bekins Van Lines Inc truck, or whichever other moving truck you’ll be using, and head out on your next adventure. Then, get to know the area you’ll be living in and what the job market is like on a more personal basis.

There are many different reasons why you might want to move to another state and find a new job, and that includes simply looking for a new adventure. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you are ready to move as soon as you receive a solid offer.

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Go Social

Lastly use local Facebook job search groups to connect with other job seekers in your target market. Do a keyword search like "charlotte jobs" or "charlotte hiring". Filter by groups and you'll discover lots of them with job leads. Simply replace your query with the city or state name, add the words jobs, hiring, or employment to see what's there.