2017 Job Search Roundtable Podcast

Well ...It’s time for another end of year job search roundtable where we discuss news and topics with some of our favorite career coach friends.

Welcome back to the show Hannah Morgan and Chris Fields

  • How was 2016 for both of you…? Were you busier than ever?

  • What was your favorite client success story form 2016?

  • Any resume or hiring trends that you noticed...good or bad?

  • Are your clients being found more often online via profiles?

  • Frustrations: not hearing back from employers

  • Driverless cars/trucks, robots taking jobs

  • Millenials largest sector of workforce and they are having an impact.

  • Is everyone gearing up for the gig economy?

  • Apply for a job from your mobile? Really?

  • Employers using storytelling (videos, employee stories and more) to sell the company.

  • Last words of advice?

Discover Hannah at Careerherpa.net and find Chris Fields on ResumeCrusade.com.

Please tell your friends and family who are in the job hunt to tune in if they want to be better job seekers…..thanks for listening and we’ll see you next time on CareerCloud Radio.