A Recruiter's Resume Bias

Pete Radloff has 15 years of recruiting experience in both agency and corporate environments, and is the Principal Technical Recruiter at comScore, as well as a Lead Consultant for Exaqueo.

Pete’s experience stretches across several areas of talent acquisition, including recruitment and sourcing, social media, employment branding, recruitment operations and the training and mentoring of recruiters. He's known for his pioneering sourcing techniques, exceptional knowledge of the college market and his honest writing in numerous recruiting publications. You can find him on twitter @pjradloff.

Pete wrote a blog post recently about resumes recently called “Busted: I have resume Bias” where he talks about the quality of resumes being created...on this podcast we'll dissect that article and get a real recruiters perspective on resume quality.


"I spend a good deal of my time reviewing resumes for tech-centric roles. Resumes from software engineers, UXers, research, product and analytics candidates are the center of my world and have been for some time. Agile, production environments and user-centric design are all part of my daily vernacular. Because of this (or maybe in spite of it) whether we like to admit it or not, all resumes start to look alike1. Which is probably why when we see a resume that breaks the mold, we get all googly-eyed." -Pete Radloff
  1. I think the key phrase in all that is “all resumes look alike” right?

  2. What's the first thing that turns you off?

  3. Bolding without borders…?

  4. One page lifetime?

  5. How do you feel about those who get creative and add logos, head shots or other unique designs to their resume?

  6. What’s the most memorable resume that has ever come across your desk...can you describe it?

  7. Who’s better at writing resumes...recruiter or a resume writer?

  8. How can job seekers make sure their resume is seen by a human when applying online?

  9. Last words of advice?

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